Christopher David "Chris" Tuhtan
July 09, 1995 - July 18, 2017

Full Name: Christopher David "Chris" Tuhtan
Date of Birth: July 09, 1995
Date of Death: July 18, 2017
Country of Birth: United States
Place of Birth: Belmont, CA
Place of Death: Belmont, CA

Christopher David Tuhtan, 22, of Belmont, California, passed away suddenly on July 18, 2017. Chris was born on July 9, 1995, at Mills Hospital, San Mateo, California, the son of David and Jeannette (Helin) Tuhtan.  As a little guy, Chris attended Cipriani Elementary, where he received an award for perfect attendance during the 2001/2002 school year.  In these early years, he loved to determinedly dig for fossils, as he was crazy about dinosaurs.  Toy Story, and especially Woody and Buzz Lightyear, seriously caught his interest.  For quite a while there Chris’s attire was his Woody outfit and hat.  He played T-ball; was involved with AYSO Soccer; was on the Otter Swim Team, and also enjoyed Golf Camp.  His after school activities included Tiger Cub, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Webelos, swim practice and clarinet lessons.

After early childhood, conscientious Chris received an Honorary Award for Academics for all three years, as well as another Perfect Attendance Award, at Ralston Middle School.  Band class and the clarinet became a part of Chris’s world in middle school, and then carried over into high school band at Carlmont.  Chris graduated from Carlmont High School in 2013. After high school, Chris attended College of San Mateo where he excelled in the sciences and worked as a paid tutor in chemistry.  As a science major transfer student, in 2016 Chris headed to University of Oregon in Eugene, where he majored in Biochemistry with his professional objective being a career in pharmacy after graduation.  Chris, who was a student of excellent standing at the University, was to enter his senior year of college in the fall 2017.  Even with all of his academic abilities and strong work ethic clearly apparent, Chris was hardly an all-work-no-play kind of guy.  He had many close, long-time friends with whom he enjoyed hanging out….especially at the beaches along the California coast not far from his home in Belmont; in Oregon he created an additional posse of friends.  He was that guy in the dorm who would coordinate fun events and get everyone out together.

During the summer months as he was growing up, Chris enjoyed having a great time with his Mom, Dad and older sister, Michelle, at Lake Tahoe where they liked to hike, raft, bike, and, yes, dig together.  Anyone who saw this family could see what a close-knit unit they were.  Chris also loved spending time on Maui and visiting Disneyland.  In later years during the summer months, Chris was employed as a Building Attendant at the Pacifica Rec Center and, true to the teenage code, enjoyed throwing parties at his parents’ home when they were away vacationing at Lake Tahoe. 

His parents – David and Jeannette Tuhtan of Belmont, and his sister, Michelle Tuhtan, of Sunnyvale, survive Chris.  He also leaves his maternal grandmother, Alma Helin, of San Mateo.  Chris is survived by his girlfriend, Jasmine, of Eugene, Oregon, a number of aunts, uncles and cousins, as well as many close friends.

Michelle said it best about her little brother with these words:

“Rest In Peace Chris Tuhtan - My dear brother, you were taken from this world far too soon, but during your short time here you touched and made lasting impressions on so many people's lives. You are, and will always remain, a beloved son, brother, friend, boyfriend and so much more. May you Rest In Peace and continue your journey in whatever shape or form that may now be. I love and miss you so much baby brother.”

From Mom and Dad

Remember Me
To the living, I am gone.
To the sorrowful, I will never return.
To the angry, I was cheated,
But to the happy, I am at peace,
And to the faithful, I have never left.
I cannot be seen, but I can be heard.
So as you stand upon a shore, gazing at a beautiful sea — remember me.
As you look in awe at a mighty forest and its grand majesty — remember me.
As you look upon a flower and admire its simplicity — remember me.
Remember me in your heart, your thoughts, your memories of the times we loved,
the times we cried, the times we fought, the times we laughed.
For if you always think of me, I will never be gone.

--Margaret Mead


A magnificent Celebration of Lfe for a magnificent life well lived was held at FILOLI in Woodside, CA, on Sunday, August 27.  On a beautiful sunny day under a soothing canopy of old oaks, an outpouring of family, friends and coworkers gathered together to present loving tribute to Christopher, to proffer love and support to his parents and his sister. 

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made by check payable to: 

UO FoundationPlease be sure to make a notation in the memo line of your check, “In memory of Christopher Tuhtan”.  

Mail to: 

University of Oregon Foundation

1720 E. 13th Avenue, Suite 410

Eugene, OR  97403-2253




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