Darin Neil Harnamji
February 04, 1963 - July 12, 2001

Full Name: Darin Neil Harnamji
Date of Birth: February 04, 1963
Date of Death: July 12, 2001
Country of Birth: Trinidad and Tobago
Place of Birth: Point-a-Pierre, Trinidad
Place of Death: Houston, Texas

Darin Neil Harnamji was born in Trinidad, West Indies on February 4th, 1963.   He was the middle child of his four siblings, Rick, Barry, Perry and Tracey.  He quickly let everyone know that he was interested in everything he could see, hear and touch.  He absolutely loved his family and had an incredible bond with Mom.  They were the best of friends and inseparable from his childhood to adulthood.  They took care of each other.  This was the type of relationship that only a Mother and child could understand.  I’m very glad they were there for each other.  It makes so much sense to me now. 

Darin’s Story

Darin was always fascinated with nature and science.  All of his endeavors were influenced by the natural world and he learned something about every subject that he could, then let everyone know.  He knew a little about every subject imaginable.  Darin traveled to many parts of the United States, Canada and once to Europe but always called Houston, Texas, his home.

Darin and I lost touch a long time ago but we spent a little time together in 2001.  Through the photographs that I’ve seen, he had a very rich life and quite a lot of friends, including his best friend, Cindy.  I miss you Darin.


This slide show tribute to Darin was very emotional for me because Darin is my younger brother.  I regret missing out on spending time with him, which made going through all the photos that much more difficult.  With input from my siblings and his best friend, I was able to complete it.  The photo book was also difficult but I needed to do that as well.  I think Darin would have liked them.  I love you and miss you Darin. 

I only wish that I could have played a bigger role in his life, but I did get to tell him that I loved him very much.  I miss you my little brother.

Following is a text excerpt from the back cover of the photo book:

It is with joy and great sadness that I remember you,

My Little Brother. 


The ties that we had growing up were strong,

but our paths drifted.


We were very similar creatures,

yet worlds apart. 


I miss the friendship we had

and I miss not sharing our lives. 


I’m glad, though,

that you had great

friends and relationships

in your life, and,

I'm glad I spent

some time with you. 


I Love You and Miss You,

Darin - My Little Brother.



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