Darin Neil Harnamji
February 04, 1963 - July 12, 2001

Favorite Food: Steak; Chicken and rice
Favorite Musical Group: Oldies - 60's and 70's
Greatest Achievement: Going to Europe
Favorite Saying/Quote: Oh Lord!
Favorite Flower: Bird of Paradise, Orchid
Favorite Color: Red, Bright Orange
Favorite Vacation: Carribean Cruise
Favorite Movie: "Making Love" with Kate Jackson and Harry Hamlin
Favorite Song: From Disco music to Karen Carpenter
Favorite Restaurant: Steak and Ale
Favorite Dessert: Fudge, Chocolate cake
Hobbies and Additional Favorites:

Traveling; Fish - He loved messing with aquariums, outdoor ponds and all varieties of plants. Darin enjoyed being outdoors as much as possible and for as long as possible.

Additional Favorites
Fishing and gardening; hunting occasionally; He loved new clothes and borrowing  his brother's (Rick) new stuff.  Darin enjoyed listening to music and spending quality time with the people who ment the most to him.

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View a 2009 Photobook dedicated to Darin.

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