Darin Neil Harnamji
February 04, 1963 - July 12, 2001

I Miss You, My Little Brother
The past several weeks have been very difficult for me, emotionally.  A lot of things have happened but I continue to think of the people I dearly, miss.  Darin, I know that we were not too close for a long time but I've always loved you and hope you knew that.  People certainly have strange ways in this life and I'm no exception.  They say that "hindsight is 20/20" and that is absolutely true.  I guess I was too involved in taking care of Robert and our lives to make time for others, which is one of my biggest regrets.  I will always love you Darin.  Now that I have more time, I don't have Robert, Mom or you to share this miserable life of mine.  I hope you will forgive me.  I love you and miss you, Darin. Barry
Started by Barry Harnamji on October 10, 2008
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