Darin Neil Harnamji
February 04, 1963 - July 12, 2001

I Miss You Darin
This day is the 2nd anniversary for Mom and the second Christmas without Robert and Mom.  It hurts that you and I didn’t spend more time.  I don’t even remember when you spent a Christmas with Robert and me, much less another holiday.  I’m sorry things got so messed up between us but always know that I love you very much.  You are on my mind often and I have your photos too, but those will never compare.  I know that you would have been a big help to me in my time of need as well.  I love you and miss you my little brother.  Barry

Started by Barry Harnamji on December 25, 2008
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Well the anniverssary of your death in approaching. I want everyone that I loved you very much and we shared a lot of dreams. I wonder what would you think
of the changes to Montrose and gay community is divided. Everyone celebrates your life and you will always be in my heart. One day we will see each other.
I pray for everyone that is missing a true friend and you were so beautiful
Posted by Johnny Darins Close Friend on July 05, 2011

I know your mother's in heaven smilin on you. I know Darin and Robert are with her. She was a beautiful lady and she could cook and your father was all about

Love Barry, God bless U I hope this gives you comfort.

Posted by Johnny Darins Close Friend on May 07, 2011

Barry my friend,

I want you to not worry or beating up yourself. Darin had a great instinct
on life. He knew how much he loved. Darin did not have and evil heart. He was
very docile and he didn't have an enemy. I loved your mothers cooking and especially Chicken and curry. I miss those times because they were simple.
Posted by Johnny Darins Close Friend on May 04, 2011

When we were young we loved going to the clubs and other events. We even dressed alike like twins.. He was a wonderful person and he loved his family,
in which he shared with me. I was a great dancer and this is how I met Darin
at the Copa on Richmond. I celebrated many birthdays with him and even with
cake, and gifts. He loved his hair and he would always style it. After we had
not seen each other for years. I ran in with him at the Copa and he came home
with me and stayed the night. He was a little Mischievous sometimes and practical jokes. He was very handsome and he had a twinkle in his eye. Barry
I know you remember me with curley hair and blue eyes. I was very cute. Keep in
touch. I miss Darin so much and remember many good times shared and hopes and dreams.
Posted by Johnny Darins Close Friend on May 04, 2011

Me and Darin was very close and we loved each other. I took him to many places and cooked for him and took him shopping. Darin and his family I went many times
to the Sagemont home and I took your mother somewhere one time. She was very good to me. Cindy went with me and Darin to Galveston in my car and Darin drive it too. Edwin Enrique lived in Sagemont and Gilbert Falcon. I believe your brother is married to: David Gonzales sister. You are related by marriage. Ricky
had been to apartment off of Fountainview back then. I celebrated him with a Cake and gifts at the Copa on Kirby. Darin was very special to and it has saddened me. He was a beautiful person and I know he is heaven smiling on us.
Posted by Johnny Darins Close Friend on May 02, 2011

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