Dr. Victor Adolphus Nii Ankrah Ankrah
July 23, 1959 - September 26, 2017

Tribute to Nii Ankrah by Best-friend George L Meyer

Tribute to Dr Victor Adolphus Nii Ankrah Ankrah

Jesus saw Nathanael coming to him, and said of him; behold one truly an Israelite, in whom there is no guile. John 1:47 KJV.  A dictum fit for the man Nii Ankrah that I knew. Indeed there was no guile in him. The excellence of the man surpasses any glowing tribute.


I met Nii Ankrah in secondary school when we both entered the Accra Academy in September 1973. We were assigned to different classes and being the taller, he went to Form 1C and I was placed in Form 1B. He was a day student and I was a boarder. We were casual friends then. We however became much closer when we both entered the Science Class in Form 4 after choosing our GCE O' level subjects toward the end of our third year. The 'in thing' then was "Operation 4A" or Opre for short. Those who happened to be successful at "Operation 4A" were regarded as the cream of the students and tipped for exceptional grades at the O levels. There was a prestige about going to Form 4A then and right from that time, anyone could tell that the young Victor was destined for great things. He was excellent in character and ability. There aren't superlatives adequate enough to describe his erudition and scholarship. It bordered on the legendary. He was every teacher's dream, a model student, and as for his personal character, simply unimpeachable. I dare say that our teachers then were privileged to have Nii Ankrah for their student. I have lost count of the number of times that Nii Ankrah climbed the stage during our annual speech and prize giving days to collect prizes in the science subjects. He even threatened to nick some of the prizes in the so called Arts subjects to the embarrassment of those in the Arts Class. It was so predictable who would take the prize in either physics or mathematics and it was no surprise when he attained a distinction for his GCE O' level examination in June 1978. He was the brightest and best among his contemporaries at the Accra Academy and his brilliance shone through again at the GCE A' levels where his exceptional performance gained him admission into the University of Ghana Medical School in September 1980.


He was the natural leader among his peers. A scholar and gentleman, everyone respected his views and looked up to him. He had a quiet dignity in the way and manner with which he carried himself. He did not need to assert himself to have authority. There was a gravity about his demeanour and a wisdom so profound that all talk stopped when he raised his voice to speak. When he stood to make an announcement at the assembly hall or dining hall as assistant head prefect at the Accra Academy, you could hear a pin drop.  His authority was so great and his word had a finality about it when we had our prefects' meetings and school council meetings during our student days at the Accra Academy. He was the cool calm voice of reason in every situation, very respectful and was in turn well respected by all - staff and students - his mates and juniors.


He committed his life to Christ during those formative years we spent together as students of the Accra Academy and kept that commitment right through. We were together active and the Scripture Union then and continued that commitment through our university days with our involvement with the University Christian Fellowship. After our university days we both attended the Calvary Baptist Church in Accra where he served as a Sunday school teacher, impacting lives with his depth and insight of the bible. His Christian compassion found expression in his work as a doctor, serving with selfless devotion to save the lives of many.


I do not know of anyone, who will have a bad word to say about Nii Ankrah. His polite, humble and genial nature endeared him to all he came into contact with. He exuded a cool calm confidence of disposition. In the course of our friendship, I came to admire his maturity, his rational and reflective approach to life, his diligence and his kind gentle manner of dealing with people. He was the most genuine person I have ever met. A true exemplar of the ideal captured in the motto of our school - Esse Quam Videri - To be rather than to seem. There was no streak of viciousness in him. In all the years that I have known Nii Ankrah, I have never heard any foul or vulgar language drop from his lips.  We did not always agree on issues but there was always a mutual respect about the way we discussed matters and I never felt put down anytime he 'won' a debate but rather enlightened on any matter we discussed. Any time I had a conversation with Nii Ankrah I learned something new from him. He was never rude and I do not recall any conversation that I had with him in which he raised his voice. Such was the sterlingness of the man which held our long standing friendship together. I will always remember him for his down to earth character. Nii Ankrah was my most trusted friend and confidant. He involved me in everything that concerned him and I did not leave him out of anything that mattered to me. I had the privilege to outdoor his son Arnold and when it got to my wedding my choice of best man was a no brainer.


Truth be told, this is one tribute come too early. I would have wished that I would be offering this much later on in life but God is sovereign and he knows best. Nii Ankrah made one final request before his departure and I will not deny him that request. That we do not mourn him but celebrate his life. Nii Ankrah, It was a rare privilege to have had you for my bosom friend, class mate, school mate, and most importantly my Christian Brother. It has been a pure joy and delight knowing you since our paths crossed over 40 years ago. You will always be in my heart. You leave me with lots of very happy memories of the times that we shared together from boys to men. I speak no untruth in saying that when God made you Nii Ankrah, he just wanted to show off. You were such a treasure. A rare gem. We are all proud of your accomplishments - academic and professional; rising on pure merit, from a doctor at Korle Bu Hospital to your most recent role as Deputy UNICEF Representative as well as a devoted husband and father. I will always treasure your memory.


Rest in perfect peace in the arms of the Lord whom you served so faithfully till we meet again.


George L Meyer

(Joe Mia)

Started by Georgina Ankrah on October 02, 2017

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