Dustin Bergh
September 14, 1993 - March 05, 2017

World Vision www.WorldVision.org


Growing up in a wonderful church in Central Minnesota, Dustin had the opportunity to be friends with a young girl named Hannah Kosloski. Hannah had a goal to provide fresh drinking water and life-giving aid to those in desperate need living in third world countries, and that mission of young Hannah, was an inspiration to Dustin.

You see, Dustin had a similar heart. He was always looking out for those around him. Always wanting to lend a helping hand. And always maintaining the need for everyone around him to drink pure, life-giving water. In fact, where ever Dustin went, he brought his bottle of fresh water along, too.

Throughout the next few months, we'll list several organizations that you could donate to on behalf of Dustin in lieu of a memorial donation to the family.  If that is your wish, to do something for someone with even a greater good in mind, Dustin would be honored if you gave to World Vision on his behalf.

Thank you for your love of Dustin and your donation to help those truly in need.


Julie  (Dustin's mom)




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