Eloy Conrad Duran III
November 10, 1984 - January 03, 2010

Sentencing May 28, 2010 - Jovani Muniz "Murder"


The injustice for my son is so relevant in this non-trial...plea bargain will give the murderer 6yrs in the YOS...Youth Offender System...he will get an aducation, and degree fortorturing, mutilating, and then murdering my son...this is my victim impact statement below...    

It is said that only the good die young, I truly beleive this...Eloy Conrad Duran III my son...is a man whom, anybody that knew him, if only for an instant, would see immediately, that he was a very special human being, he had the love and compassion for life like no other, he was a loving, caring, respectful, honest, trustworthy, reliable, person, he truly cared for humanity, and all living things...Conrad is 25 yrs. young, if he were alive today, he would be able to tell you himself of how he was tragically and horrifically tortured, mutilated, and then murdered...of how, in an instant, his life was taken, from this earth, from us... forever....but, unfortunately, Conrad cannot...because Jovani Muniz...ultimately, made that decision that morning to take another human beings life...taking our loved one away from us...forever....Conrad was brutally beaten, tortured, and then murdered...Conrad was murdered...savagely, without mercy, without remorse, Conrad was stabbed in the heart, Conrad was stabbed in the lung, by gang member Jovani Muniz...but before that happened, he was obviously jumped before he was murdered by Jovani Muniz...jumped by no less than 7 individuals...the word on the street is that they were gang members...who wanted my son dead, why, we may never know...my son was not a gang member, he did not live that type of life...the autopsy report says it all...My son was tortured, mutilated...he tried to defend himself, his arms raised to get away from the swords or knifes...Conrad had multiple... major cuts...on both of his arms...cuts that show the rage of Jovani...and these hoodlums...Conrads arms were sliced...all the way through his muscles and tendons, to the bone...major blunt trama to his skull, major blunt trama to most of his body...I cannot begin to imagine the excruciating, unimaginable pain and suffering that this man and his friends, thugs, put on my son Conrad, Conrad was unable to leave that place, he tried to get away, in obviously the most painful set of circumstances a human could possibly be dealt....but he only made it a few feet before he fell to his death, in a pool of blood... no man deserves to go through what my son had to go through...no one...Jovani Miuniz played god that early morning of January 03, 2010., Jovani took a life, the life of a gentleman...an honest, a good, decent, caring, giving, compassionate, god fearing, father, son, grandson, nephew, cousin, friend...of so many...

Conrad has a 5yr old daughter, her name is Desirae...she has been emotionally and phsically devasted by this, as we all are...but Conrad was Desiraes world, she has had so little time on this earth, and now, her world is gone.... she will now have to grow up without the most important person in her life...her dad...her da da...Conrad cannot be there for Desirae, for anything...anymore, all hopes, all dreams, all financial security...gone...Conrad and Desirae were inseperable...sun-up to sundown...happy, just to be with each other, he was there for her, at her every beckoning...to teach her, with loving compassion...he was the true definition of father...my son had big dreams for the both of them...Conrad was looking forward to a long, honest, fruitful life of happiness...a life filled with love and harmony...with continued solid family values...Desirae no longer has that most important person, her father, to shape her life, to teach her, to love her...as only a father can do...My family has been dealt the most agonizing, devastating, unbelievable atrosity imaginable, murder, in the first degree...and we will never be able to come to terms with what this man did...this murderous act is everlasting, unbearable...and unacceptable...and today your honor...the injustice continues...this is not justifiable murder...the very thought of Jovani Muniz getting away with murder is horrendous, and this is what we are facing here today, the YOS is not acceptable, 48 years minimum isnt enough, but it would be tolerable, ... the YOS is a school, a College...it should only be for juveniles that can actually return to society, and be a productive citizen in our community...not for people who committ murder...this is not punishment, it is a blessing for him, ....he gets an education, he gets a degree...and he gets out scott free...free to kill again, free to walk the streets again, free to do whatever he wants to..again...56% of murderers who attend the YOS come out of there to continue with there feloious acts...WHAT ABOUT MY SON... how dare you ...how can this court, even for a second, ponder the thought of rehabilitation...for a cowardess act of murder, this man is a monster...Jovani Muniz willfully, and maliciously, murdered my son Eloy Conrad Duran III...my son would be here today to live his life to a ripe old age...if it was'nt for the actions taken willingly, by Jovani Muniz...

You must reconsider...Jovani, you are a murderer...and you must be dealt with as such....

I spoke to no less than 3 people who were there at that party on 4th and Utica st. on January 03rd...when Conrad was murdered, who told me what happened...two of them were at the hospital immediately after my son was admitted...they told me my son was jumped by a bunch of gang members, tortured, and then saw Jovani Muniz stab and kill my son, ...why is it that they decided to not tell the whole truth to the homocide detectives...it is because they got calls from these thugs that jumped my son, telling them that if they implicated them, then they themselves would be killed, were these witnesses offered protection...we are not doing the right and justifiable thing here...my son did not deserve any of this...my family doesnt deserve any of this, his daughter doesnt deserve to grow up without her dad...


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Family 1st Solutions
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OFFICE 720-962-5726

Started by Monica Duran on May 28, 2010
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