Janice Williamina "Jan" Louche
November 06, 1938 - October 25, 2017

Growing up with a Loving Mother

Randy, Chauncey and I have our own stories to share of "Ma" growing up. Robert passed away in February 1983, however, she remembered him every year on his birthday, August 31st, by visiting his grave site.

We will share some of those here:

Started by Todd Catella on October 29, 2017
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Visitor Comments
Lighthearted, loving, selfless and caring...These words only begin to capture who mom was to me... I'll briefly mention one childhood memory that summarizes how she interfaced with the world around her and cared for others. While shopping for a hospitalized friend one day, mom noticed a homeless man buying a bag of dried beans, counting pennies out to the cashier... Out of empathy, she followed the man outside, gave him the gift of food she had just purchased for her friend, along with the last $20 she had to her name... You see, mom never had much herself and she always struggled raising us boys, but she never forgot to look out for those less fortunate than herself... God bless you mom for your endless compassion that made a difference in this world... I love you... You will be missed.
Posted by Randy Sharrow on October 30, 2017

Was a big part of my life growing up on Grey Oak Court. Many fun and crazy
memories. Rest in Peace Janice.
Posted by Gina Montgomery- (Gaetano) on October 30, 2017

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