John " “JOHNY” " Sabo
November 21, 1962 - August 16, 2017

Full Name: John " “JOHNY” " Sabo
Date of Birth: November 21, 1962
Date of Death: August 16, 2017
Country of Birth: United States
Place of Birth: Cincinnati, Ohio
Place of Death: Las Vegas, Nevada


If you are looking at this memorial Johny obviously touched your life in some way. Please take a few minutes and share a memory or time when he made you smile. What kind of person was Johny? How did he affect your life? It would mean a great deal to me, I’m sure it will offer comfort to his family knowing he had people who cared about him and we both know that Johny would do it for you! Thanks for being a good friend.

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  Born in Ohio John Allen Sabo was the youngest of seven children, he was the baby of the family with a beautiful spirit, huge heart, big dreams, and endless talent. At the ripe old age of just four years old Johny found his passion in singing it was his first and would be his last love and though he was great at disappearing he certainly couldn't hide, all you had to do was . . . LISTEN and you’d  find him.  

   I have no doubt that when he was taken from us that fateful August night he was thoroughly enjoying himself walking down the road enjoying the warm summer night, the clear sky and the millions of stars lighting his way. He liked the peacefulness and solitude and he loved walking and feeling free as he could sing as loud as he wanted and get lost in his music, it was the best form of meditation in the world to him, it gave him peace, Clarity and Zen like energy. It made him happy.

  Many people didn't or couldn't understand Johny's lifestyle and that's okay, as long as we all understand that these were his choices, and believe me he had millions of them. Johny and I lived  in a nice house,  he drove a blue Hyundai Sonata which he named Frankie and he worked in an office with me for several years, he was good at it, he was good at anything he set his mind to but he wasn't happy because he wasn't living his life, he was living mine.

   When Johny was home he was never home he had to be outdoors, out in the elements, walking, singing and collecting his treasures, that was the life he wanted to live, the life he chose and boy did he had a ball! He was very proud of using the two good feet that God gave him and constantly got on me for not doing the same. I learned early on that the only way to love Johny was to accept Johny and all the angels that seemed to surround him. He was the closest person to me in the world, he walked next to me when I was at my best and literally carried me when I was at my worst. Johny was the one certainty I had in my life and for that I am eternally grateful.

   How many people in our lives always come through? Always keep their word? Never judge you? and never ever let you down? I only know one. I told him often how much I appreciated him and we always gave hugs and kisses when we parted something my mom instilled in me at a very young age as you never know when it will be the last time you see that person, but I don't know if he knew how much I loved him, how much I would miss him. I blamed God, cursed God, forsake his name and had decided that the whole God concept was for suckers, dreamers and weak-minded people who couldn't stand on their own two feet and thats just touching the surface of the anger I felt and the darkness that was living inside of me, then one morning I woke up as always with five little rescue dogs on my bed and it hit me, even in the dark I am surrounded by unconditional love and for a moment a light came on in my head just long enough to remember something I read just before Johnny had died. "When life gives you more than you can stand kneel"  I dropped to the floor and gave it to God, All Of It . . . and in return God gave me Grace.

    I know now how wrong I was to be mad at God for taking him from me when all along I should have been thankful and grateful to God for giving him to me. For 25 years he was in my life, for 25 years he was my best friend, and more than that I was his! To me there is no higher honor, no privilege greater than that.

   I know first hand how in the dark giving someone your love, your trust, your very soul for half of your life only to have them taken in an instant without warning, without goodbye, without that one last hug, seeing that one last smile or hearing that last song can feel so cruel, so unfair because youre left all alone and how can you possibly survive the next half? But in the light its different in the light you don't see the rain you see the rainbow, you don't wait for someone to bring you flowers, you plant a garden and the anger, bitterness and sad attitude slowly transforms into gratitude, like a caterpillar becomes a butterfly and you know that BELIEVING takes enormous strength, that there is nothing weak about God. he does not make mistakes, he created us and he rewards us with gifts so miraculous that we finally understand that 25 years was just an added bonus! Like icing on a cake the real gift is not getting a best friend like Johny for 25 years it's getting him for an ETERNITY.

   There is NO way Johny and I bonded like we did in just this one lifetime, I believe we have been best friends for many lifetimes and we will be best friends for many more, as many as there are stars in the sky. That's an infinite amount of love, that's the gift, that's what I see in the light. It's what I know. Johny came into my life and made it better, he made me better. He made us all better.

  At least a hundred times I watched him walking down the street singing at the top of his lungs, once he was walking towards me about a half a block away and I pointed up to the sky at a rainbow that seemed to be following him and I don't know if it was a gold Aura around him that I was seeing or the sun shining against that rainbow but he looked like he just walked off the set of Touched by an Angel, I swear he was glowing and just like the first time I met him,  he took my breath away. He was sure proud of that one !

   At least a hundred times Johny told me how in his dreams he flies and each time he said it he'd light up like a kid at Christmas, innocent and childlike. I'll never forget that look or feeling his kind spirit and the gentleness of his soul.

   The very first time I met Johny I knew with absolute certainty that he was raised by strong women because he sure knew how to treat them and though he treated me like gold he always made me feel like Platinum. How blessed I am to have had him in my life,  I can't even say that he'll be a hard act to follow because  no one in the world can hold a candle to my best friend.  When  I think of him now  I think of a Cool Breeze on a hot Summer's Day, his beautiful bright smile and gorgeous green eyes all wrapped up in to a brilliant ball of energy glowing with all the colors of the rainbow as he soars up and down the street singing at the top of his lungs looking for his treasures without a care in the world. God I miss him and I would be lying if I said I had no bad days  because I do I'm sure we all do, let's just remember to keep ourselves in the light, in Johny's light because I have no doubt  that he will be there to greet each and every one of us with open arms when our time comes. In the meantime dont forget that if we need him,  all we have to do. . . . is LISTEN.

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