John " “JOHNY” " Sabo
November 21, 1962 - August 16, 2017

Favorite Food: Stirfry, Prime Rib, Lobster, mashed potato sandwiches, Potato chips
Favorite Musical Group: Heart
Greatest Achievement: Singsations TV show and weekly stage show at the Stardust hotel —- Building A Tiny House——Caregiver for SEVERAL Terminally ill patients
Favorite Saying/Quote: Whatcha Doooin? What’s up Buttercup? Huh?
Favorite Color: All the colors of the the Rainbow
Favorite Song: Dog and butterfly (heart) Voodoo doll (Heart) Hey you (Heart) Only women Bleed (Alice Cooper)
Favorite Dessert: Chocolate cake
Hobbies and Additional Favorites:

Johny was like a kid in many ways and very easy  to entertain all you had to do was give him a gadget. He loved electronics  and was absolutely crazy about computers, laptops iPads and smart phones he hated anything that had to do with android but liked windows and of course  favored Apple products and was Obsessed and pissed off  because he never could hack into an iPhone, it made  him crazy as he could hack into anything .  For The last year’s of his life he earned a living building and selling computers he was  Pretty darn  good at it. He had a natural born knack for working with anything that had to do with electronics ... remote controls, televisions, telephones, Stereos and speakers etc And could program anything. He was a talented boy indeed. aside for singing and building computers his favorite thing in the whole wide world to do and he did it on a daily basis was go around looking for his treasures.  We had a landlord some years back who really liked Johny and at the time she owned 30 homes in Las Vegas and a couple dozen more in Alaska where she spent a lot of time . She was telling Johny one day how she made her first million dollars in two  years dumpster diving.  She simply pulled things out of dumpsters sold them, then put some money together and bought some property and within two years she was a millionaire. When Johny heard that he hit the ground running he liked doing it anyway and we used to talk about him opening a business and calling it trash to treasure But his mind didn’t work like that he was too compassionate and giving and liked to give the nice things he found to his friends or he gave his  treasures  to the homeless people and they would sell the items so they could eat.  he was very generous that way extremely generous in fact. Just a few weeks ago I went online and looked up a face cream that he had found And given to me which was un-opened still in the package. well Imagine my surprise when I looked it up online and found that it was $900.00 (for face cream are you kidding me ) I almost Fainted! Over the years Johny has brought me  original  Lois Vuitton bags, expensive jewelry, fur coats, Beautiful paintings, But the icing on the cake is when he came over with a 90 inch flat screen TV which he  brought  to my house IN A SHOPPING CART!  Don’t ask me how he did it That was just Johny for ya! Oh and another thing he was excellent at was painting remodeling and  decorating We spent a lot of time decorating he had a good eye And we had so much fun over the years decorating houses condos and apartments that we Lived in. We had fun at almost everything we did together that’s what I think I miss the most  and when I think about it now while I thought we were just having fun what we were  really doing was making memories. You can take everything I own and everything I know  but the memories I have with Johny Are the most precious  and sacred things I hold in my heart they are  What I treasure the most  in my life, theyre priceless. Almost as priceless Johny himself.

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