Jorge Manelik "George" Gutierrez
July 19, 1961 - October 26, 2017

Full Name: Jorge Manelik "George" Gutierrez
Date of Birth: July 19, 1961
Date of Death: October 26, 2017
Country of Birth: United States
Place of Birth: San Jose California
Place of Death: Las Vegas Nevada

wink Jorge was my younger brother the baby of the family.  From the very start he was a character.   He was the king to my mom and dad.  He enjoyed taking long drives, music, his children, family and concerts.  Oh yes he was a true rocker and Journey was one of his favorite groups.  He could be generous and sweet and then there was that other side of Jorge that at times was hard to understand.  We were the cadets us four out of our family of ten.  Sonia, Cynthia, me and Jorge would be known for being the SPACE CADETS of the Gutierrez family.  We had a blast back in those days.  Later on after the birth of his first daughter Jessica he became a doting father who loved cooking for us all and didn't mind picking up after the crowd.  Forever the DJ playing music for us all on family gatherings.  I only hope and pray now that he knows just how much I loved him.  How much he was loved.  I would give anything now to tell him to his face.  One day we'll meet again.  Right now he's catching up with my mom and dad.

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