Josephine Jussen "Josie" Stein
August 29, 1950 - December 22, 2013

Full Name: Josephine Jussen "Josie" Stein
Date of Birth: August 29, 1950
Date of Death: December 22, 2013
Country of Birth: Netherlands
Place of Birth: Den Hague, Netherlands
Place of Death: Truckee, CA, USA
Memberships: IARRT
Biography: Josie Jussen Stein, the love of my life and true soul mate, passed from this plane around 4 PM on the afternoon of Sunday December 22, 2013. She is now free of the sickness and the pain of cancer (multiple myeloma) that she has coped with since August of 2011, and for this I am grateful. To my sweetheart, we will love you always!

A true coal miner’s daughter, Josie was born on August 29, 1950 in Den Hague (The Netherlands), to Joseph and Jacqueline Jussen. Josie immigrated to San Jose, CA with her parents when she was six years old. Her father, Joseph Jussen, had worked for the Dutch underground during WWII, was captured by the SS and sentenced to death. Joseph was sprung from prison in a daring maneuver by fellow members of the Dutch underground, narrowly escaping execution. Her mother was born on the Indonesian island of Java, where her parents met, and fell in love, during the Indonesian Revolution. Undoubtedly, her parent’s colorful background contributed to Josie’s open mind and adventurous spirit!

Starting with nothing, as penniless immigrants, her folks moved almost every year until her teenage years when Joseph’s employer and benefactor, the pharmaceutical innovator Dr. Alex Zaffaroni, helped them buy a house in Cupertino. With all that moving, Josie was used to being the “new kid on the block” so she learned to make friends fast and had to stand on her own two feet. In 1969 Josie graduated from Lincoln High School and in 1973 she married Russ Satcher. Their son Joshua was born in June of 1975, and her marriage to Russ ended a couple years later.

When Josie and I first met in March of 1979, it was truly love at first sight! We met in the EST seminar, where we were seated beside each other for the start of a two-weekend workshop. My heart was pounding and I wondered, “Who is this woman, and why is my heart pounding so?” There was probably somewhere between 500 and a 1,000 people in the workshop, and one of the quirky EST rules was that you sit in a different seat, and next to different people, each time you sit down. Wherever I sat, a moment later my head would subconsciously snap in a new direction, causing me to look directly at wherever Josie was seated. At the end of the first day, we walked outside together and it turned out we were also parked directly beside each other. The universe was giving us a great big hint!

That night my sister called and I told her, “I met someone and I think I am falling in love.” She asked me what her name was, and I realized I could not even remember her name! Her kid brother, the MIT engineer, had met someone earlier that same day, didn’t even remember her name, yet he thought he was falliing in love. Sheesh! The following Wednesday night, EST had a “midweek training” evening meeting where workshop attendees asked questions and shared what they though of the EST training so far. The midweek training was given at a San Jose Holiday Inn with a parking garage. As the long string of cars in front of me slowly worked their way into the parking garage, they all passed the first available parking slot, which I slipped into. As I stepped out of my car, Josie stepped out of the one beside me, which was a different car due to the fact that hers had broken down, so she had borrowed the company station wagon that her father drove for Alza Corp. We went into the mid-week training together, came out together, moved in together two weeks later, and have been together ever since. Both of us being adventurous spirits, Josie helped bring out the recklessness in me. A few months after we met, we bought a VW bus, I took a leave of absence from Hewlett Packard for a 6 week cross country trip to attend my sister’s wedding in upstate New York, and to see some of the country. That fall we both quit our corporate Bay Area jobs and moved to Santa Cruz. The next decade saw us bouncing around a lot, moving twelve times in 9 years, before settling in our current home in Truckee. 

During this time, we moved to Tahoe and got married in the fall 1980, moved to Hawaii in 1981, back to Santa Cruz in 1982 where our Daughter Elisha was born in January of 1984 (on our living room floor—so Santa Cruzian!), moved to Nevada City in the fall of  1984, and to Truckee in the fall of 1986. It was sometime around 1989 that Josie experienced her first hypnotherapy session with a friend of ours, Nancy Briney-Rully. The session was life-changing and awakened Josie to her true calling in life (in addition to being an awesome mother)—that of being a trained hypnotherapist and counselor. She had an awesome gift for hypnotherapy, helping her clients to dive into the inner realms to heal stubborn issues that often had failed to heal using traditional counseling and psychotherapy techniques. Many of her closest friends first met Josie as clients, building strong bonds of friendship forged through the shared experiences of life-altering inner journeys traveled in a trance state from Josie’s hypnotherapy couch.

From 2002 to 2005 we took flight again, moving to the island of Maui where Mat built green homes and Josie continued her hypnotherapy work. Her most famous client, Dr Wayne Dyer, had this to say about Josie’s work, "Josie’s work... was really one of the most beautiful experiences I ever had. It was glorious, blissful, enlightening, and especially healing.  I would recommend this work to anyone who would like to go deeper within." We would have been quite happy to spend many more years living in the tropical paradise of Maui, but unfortunately our Hawaii sojourn was cut short when Josie became quite ill from toxic mold poisoning. After a few back and forth travels between Hawaii and Truckee, while attempting to recover from the mold-induced sickness, Josie realized she just could not handle the molds in the tropics at that time, so we packed things up and moved everything back from Hawaii to our home in Truckee, that had been rented out in our absence.

Recovering for the most part from the mold-induced illness, recent years saw Josie getting into the best shape of her life. She became an avid hiker, reaching the top of Mount Tallac in South Tahoe three weeks before her 60th birthday! Summers found us camping at Fallen Leaf Lake with our beloved golden retriever Bella, who loved nothing more than splashing around in the waters of Fallen Leaf while fetching sticks. Winters found us skiing at Royal Gorge where her favorite trail was Razorback- a very impressive black diamond trail with steep climbs rewarded by a five star view along its breathtaking ridge crest.

Two of her dad’s favorite sayings were, “Make you a party!” and “Make you happy!” Joseph, I trust that Josie is in heaven right now and you have made her a great big party and that she is happy!

Josie, you are the love of my life and I will miss you forever!

Your husband,
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