Marie Louise DuBose Sharpe Williams
January 07, 1929 - December 14, 2017

Full Name: Marie Louise DuBose Sharpe Williams
Date of Birth: January 07, 1929
Date of Death: December 14, 2017
Country of Birth: United States
Place of Birth: Montevallo, Albama
Place of Death: Cincinnati, Ohio


Marie Louise Dubose Sharpe Williams


Marie Louise DuBose Sharpe Williams was born on January 7, 1929 "In the dead of winter time, in the hills of Shelby County, the home town of Almount (near Montevallo, Alabama)". Twelfth youngest of seventeen children to the African-American union of JOhn Coleman DuBois, 43 years old, (a coal minerr) and Beula Smith DuBose, 39 years old (a house wife), both from Salem, Alabama.  The midwife was the doctor heard saying "She not breathing right oxygen. Help! She don't want to live.  She's going to die...Let her die."  A live little baby girl child born with symptoms of Tuberculosis...no cure...no doctor...way back in the country and where making medicines was out of leaves."

But, God, merciful of life and death down through the years allowed a little baby girl named "Marie" to be born alive.  To God be the glory for the things he had done.  The name Marie origin: Hebrew meaning "bitter" and french form of Mary pronounced (MAH-ree) a form of Maria or variant of Mary (Latin) meaning "Star of the Sea".

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