Mark MacDonald
January 31, 1966 - October 23, 2017

Favorite Sports Team: Montreal Canadiens
Favorite Food: Steak
Favorite Musical Group: The Who, The Doors & Led Zepplin
Greatest Achievement: His son Jason
Favorite Saying/Quote: Fly be free
Favorite Flower: Daisy
Favorite Color: Red
Best Childhood Experience: Climbing Mount Mansfield with family
Favorite Vacation: Cuba
Favorite Movie: Godfather
Favorite Song: Stairway to Heaven
Favorite Book: 1984
Favorite Restaurant: Moishes
Favorite Dessert: Chocolate Cake
Hobbies and Additional Favorites:

Mark loved his family, his son Jason, many good friends and his two cats.  He was a very hard worker who was fascinated with history.  He loved hiking, biking and camping and always had a great sunny attitude and its why we called him Sparkles.

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