Nayne Lee "Lee" B. White
August 10, 1924 - December 19, 2017

Full Name: Nayne Lee "Lee" B. White
Date of Birth: August 10, 1924
Date of Death: December 19, 2017
Country of Birth: United States
Place of Birth: Columbus, OH
Place of Death: Concho, AZ
Memberships: Ohio State University
Episcopal Women's Group
Junior Women's Club-Las Cruces NM
Brownie & Girl Scouts of America Leader-Las Cruces NM (1968-1973)

"Old Age....It's the PITS"

Lee (Nayne Lee)  was born in Columbus OH on August 10, 1924 she was an only child of a single mother-Lena May Brown.  Her mother worked as a seemstress to support herself and Nayne Lee .  Nayne Lee grew up in the Great Depression and this period of time stayed with her throughout her life she was extremely frugal.  Despite having very little money, Lee's mother Lena tailored made all of her clothes with matching gloves, hat, purse etc., but most importantly Lee's mother believed in education and insured that Lee did well in school, valued her education and provided for her to attend college at Ohio State University.  Go Buckeyes!!! 

Lee graduated from highschool at 16 and then went on to get a teaching degree from Ohio State, majoring in History and minoring in Spanish.  Upon obtaining her college degree she accepted a position in Saint Petersburg, Florida.  Her  mother and her loved Saint Petersburg but her mother's arthisis became cronic and the doctor recommended they move to a dry, airid climate.  Lee then obtained a position in Las Cruces, NM and her mother and her drove from Saint Petersburg, FL to Las Cruces, NM in her studebaker.

Image result for 1940's studebaker

(no that's not Lee sitting on car).

Lee and her mother were taken aback upon arrivng in Las Cruces, coming from Columbus OH and Saint Petersburg FL.  Lee said her mother gasp and said "Lee what have you got us into this time".  The majority of the streets were dirt & lined with outhouses.  I believe Lee said only El Paseo was a paved street at the time.  Although they wanted to turn around a go back, Lee honored her committiment with the school she had signed a contract with and they stayed.  Not too long after their arrival in Las Cruces, Lee went on a double date with someone she had only gone out with a few times.  During the double date It just so happenedt, John White who was NOT her date was attracted to her and asked his buddy (          -
         ) if he could ask her out. 

Lee and John were married only a few months after they met.  They had five children together; Christopher John, Sharon Lee, Julia Lynne, James Randolph & Shirley Marie.


Big Band Error - ? Name of Dance; talk about guy throwing her up in the air without a petti coat on.


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