Nayne Lee "Lee" B. White
August 10, 1924 - December 19, 2017

No one is home......

I came home from work and needed to do somethings outside. I told mom to just relax and I would be right back. I went outside and did whatever it was I needed to get done and went to go inside and the door was locked. I was knocking on the door and yelling at mom to open the door......to which she replied "no one is home!".  I had to go around to the back door which I always left unlocked, and thank goodness it was. I came in through the back door and mom said "Oh there you are someone was knocking on the door!" From that time on I always had my keys in my pocket.

Started by Julia White on April 17, 2018
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Visitor Comments
Lee was a very classy lady through and through, she had the funniest sense of humour. She would come off with these one liners that would have you cracking up. She loved her hot teas. In a proper cup, from a proper pot. She would notice things most of us take for granted, even in her advanced illness; the woman was intelligent. She is now probably teaching the Angels proper etiquette. And definitely keeping God in laughter. I love you Lee!!! Thank you for gracing my life, with a touch of yours. Mary Lilly.
Posted by Mary Lilly on July 06, 2018

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