Nita Clark
June 27, 1927 - March 12, 2017

Full Name: Nita Clark
Date of Birth: June 27, 1927
Date of Death: March 12, 2017
Country of Birth: United States
Place of Birth: Redmond, Oregon
Place of Death: Redmond, Oregon


This morning Darrel in a few short words summed up who our Mom was.  We would like to share this with you now, for all of those who knew her will know that this is who she was.

"Our Mom loved to dance.  Anytime, anywhere.  She was very good.  When she was on the dance floor her worries were gone. The band would start up and she'd make that sound we all make when we hear a song we love, and look at dad and say "come on Gene'.  Her life was like her dance sometimes fast, sometimes slow, but always with rhythm, and no matter how bad the situation, if you asked how she was she'd say "I'm fine". 

Love you Mom.  Darrel. 

Thank you little brother, this was so true of Mom.  She would dance the 1st dance to the last and everyone in between, just like she lived life.

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