Richard Martinez
December 04, 1945 - May 11, 2017

Favorite Sports Team: Raiders, Stanford Football and Basketball
Favorite Food: Filet Minion
Favorite Musical Group: Ozzie Ozborne, Matallica, Santana and many more
Greatest Achievement: His 6 children.
Favorite Saying/Quote: "You Can't Fix Stupid! "
Favorite Flower: Dahlia
Favorite Color: Blue
Best Childhood Experience: When he went on a train to visit his grandmother who lived on an Indian Reservation. Although She didn't understand any English he had an amazing experience staying with her on the Resrvation for the whole summer.
Favorite Vacation: Going on a Cruise ship to Mexico with his wife Merrilee and best friends Merit & Kim
Favorite Song: Iron Man
Favorite Book: Crossword Puzzles
Favorite Restaurant: Omei
Favorite Dessert: Fruit Tarte from the Farm Bakery
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