Richard Martinez
December 04, 1945 - May 11, 2017

Remembering Dad

Dear Dad it seems as though childhood memories have flooded my mind lately with thoughts of you. As a working women, mother and wife life has been busy and the time we have spent together these past years have not been what they once were. Although I enjoy getting together for our many family functions, as us kids grew and had our own lives to live there are many things we were no longer able to do as a family. I have missed our family vacations to the lake, learning how to fish- I remember that time your brand new Graphite rod was snatched into the water by a fish because you were helping me bait my line, and even though you lost your rod, on that same vacation I caught my first trout (4lbs).  I remember how even though you and the guys still wanted to keep fishing, that you knew us kids couldn't wait to go water skiiing so you'd end a little earlier than planned, and take us skiing for the rest of the day. And then there was the time you took me out in the ocean to Salmon fish and I threw up before we even got out of the harbor so you turned around and took me all the way back home. I remember being a teenager and getting into a little trouble and you didn't scold me or judge me even though I was so scared that I was in BIG trouble, but you were prettty cool about those things. I remember all those trips to the grocery store, listening to music together, hanging out when mom was in her last trimester of one of her pregnancies because she was tired and needed to rest. I remember you showing up at some of my vollyball or basketball games even though you had already worked a long day, and I was always so grateful for all the concerts you attended over the years to hear me sing, that meant the world to me! I remember all the times side by side in that little kitchen when you were trying to teach me how to cook, and picking all the blackberries for you to make pies, I think we ate 1/2 of what we picked!  And I remember all the phone calls I made to you the first 10 years of my marriage to ask you one more time how to make this or that, but you were pretty cool about that too because you had done the same thing to your mom for some of her family recipes. I remember the times that even though it was our bed time you'd let us stay up late to watch a special show like Willy Wonka or a Christmas special. And I rememebr as a kid how funny I thought it was that you liked cartoons, Road Runner was your favorite! Meep Meep! And I remember when you walked me down the isle and told me I looked beautiful and that you loved me. And when I had my own daughter you took the day off and waited all day at the hospital until Hannah was born at 8pm because mom couldn't be there. It's truly the little things things in life that make a difference and  dad  I want to thank you for being there and present for all the important life events!

Life is truly shorter than we think. We often just take for granted the time we have and don't always get around to do and see all we hope to, but Dad I hope you knew how much you are loved.

Thank you for your example of being a hard  dedicated worker, when work kept me busy I knew you always understood. One of the things I have admired and respected about you is your very strong work ethics which I have adopted as well. Thanks for that!

Thank you for the love of music you have given me through exposing it to me all my life.  Thank you for instilling in me a joy for cooking, Thank you for showing me that you sacrifice for family and that family is one of the most important things in our life.

Forever in my heart, I love you dad, Love Kim.

P.S, ok you knew I'd say at least one more thing right? I am So thankful you were able to come celebrate Hannah's Graduation with us, it meant so much to have you and mom share in our daughter's amazing accomplishment!


Started by Kim Brooks on May 14, 2017

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