Robert Wilson "My Blue Eyes" Kopler
January 26, 1962 - May 08, 2007

Full Name: Robert Wilson "My Blue Eyes" Kopler
Date of Birth: January 26, 1962
Date of Death: May 08, 2007
Country of Birth: United States
Place of Birth: Warsaw, New York
Place of Death: Houston, Texas
Biography: Robert Wilson Kopler was born in Warsaw, New York on January 26, 1962.  He is the younger of two children.  Robert went into banking and remained in that industry for approximately eighteen years.  In 1982, He moved to Houston, Texas.  In July of 1985, Robert Kopler and Barry Harnamji got together and we remained together until May, 2007.  During that span of 22 years, we adopted a total of four dogs, lived in our house for eighteen years, loved one another and took care of each other. 

Robert Kopler was my Life-Partner for twenty-two years, but,
Twenty-two years was just not enough.
Our Story:
Robert changed my entire perspective on life, love and all that was important.  Life handed us many unforeseen and overwhelming challenges but we persevered, in spite of them.

When we met, Robert was working two full time jobs.  He had always been independent from very young, generous to a fault and stubborn as the proverbial mule.  He's always known what He wanted and would not let anything get in His way.  As time passed I realized that Robert was the perfect person for me.  We lived our lives as best we could for the next several years until life intervened, as it normally does, with something painfully unexpected. 

At the end of February 1996, Robert experienced a massive stroke that left the right side of His body partially paralyzed.  He became disabled at the age of 34 and I took care of Him, since.  The following years meant a lot of rehabilitation to help regain His independence.   The subsequent years meant being in and out of hospitals, battling additional complications and each bout took more of a toll on His poor body.   
Robert endured more complications than any one body should ever have to handle.  In spite of all the complications, though, Robert's amazing lust for life, the support of all who loved Him, His strong spirit and unending stubbornness, Robert made it through the worst times any one person should ever have to experience.  I saw Him at the brink of death on so many occasions, only to be snatched back to me at the very last moment.  I seldom use the word “awesome” to describe anyone but it’s the most befitting of words to describe Robert Kopler and all of the adversities He overcame. 
I have never felt more helpless and hopeless, though, as I did while Robert was in the hospital and then when He came home to recuperate.  As the years continued I watched the body and spirit, of this most vibrant and beautiful person, begin to slowly decline.

On May 8th, 2007, His body could bear no more pain or suffering.  Robert was in my arms when He took His last breath.  It was the most painful experience I have ever known and one for which I shall never overcome.  I struggle through my loss of Robert each day. 

I Love You Forever, My Beautiful Angel.
Robert Kopler was truly inspirational.  In the financial industry He managed a large number of workers and won banking competitions.   In His spare time He made outfits for family and friends with His sewing and knitting skills.  Robert once knitted me an amazing sweater, which was the best Christmas present ever.  He was a great cook and had a great sense of humor, too.

Robert Kopler was my greatest inspiration and had a major impact on my artwork, unbeknownst to me.  My latest portrait of Robert, done January 6th, 2008, is my favorite and one of my best.

Creating the slide shows and photo books was a very painful undertaking, but, as painful as it was, I had to do it for Robert. Most of the photos I hadn't seen in years and they evoked wonderful, as well as painful, memories I had long forgotten.  It took a lot out of me, but it was all I could do the keep my sanity.  I wish He could have seen them.  Robert certainly was stunning. 
There are not many things in this life that I have been unable to handle.  All of the complications that Robert experienced, beginning with the stroke, in 1996, and throughout the following years, forced me to re-evaluate so many aspects of life that I had taken for granted.

The most difficult part of all was not the responsibility but that I believed I could not tell anyone anything about what was going on in my life, for fear of losing my job, just because of who we were.  I could not afford to lose my job and be unable to provide for, and take care of, Robert, so I kept our relationship a secret out of my own fears.  My biggest regret is keeping this beautiful person, whom I loved for over half my life and our lives a secret for so long.  Forgive me, My Love.

The most important person in my life was my biggest secret.  I kept all of his pain and suffering inside, for so many years, as much as it killed me to do so.  I will forever regret it. 
For this, My Love, I am truly sorry.  Please forgive me. 

I am thankful, however, that I was the one to take care of Robert when He needed me and I am also fortunate that He was there when I needed Him.  We enjoyed as much of life as we could but there was still so many things we had yet to do. 

Robert Kopler was my True Love and My Soul-Mate.  I would do it all over again.   

Robert Kopler - My Blue Eyes,
You Are My Life's Love and I Am Eternally Yours. 

I Love You, Forever.


Following is an excerpt from another memorial which I adopted, with permission, but altered for Robert.

Spend a few moments talking to Him.......spend a few moments remembering Him...sharing your favorite stories of Him...and honoring His memory with the gift of your everlasting love. 

Robert Wilson Kopler was here...and the world needs to know that...never let Him be forgotten. 

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