Ross John Beatty
July 16, 1953 - December 09, 2017

Favorite Sports Team: Toronto Maple Leafs
Favorite Musical Group: Beatles
Greatest Achievement: His Kids
Favorite Saying/Quote: A life well lived is a life well remembered
Best Childhood Experience: the family cottage and water skiing
Favorite Vacation: Bahamas
Favorite Song: Light My Fire - The Doors
Hobbies and Additional Favorites:

Ross joined the YMCA in Peterborough at an early age (9-10) and set records in backstroke and butterfly speed swimming.

He loved hockey and was an excellent player.  He proudly displayed a stick signed by all the Toronto Maple Leafs he had won in a radio callin contest.  The stick suffered its demise from a slapshot, but not diswaded, Ross cut off the blade and hung it for years on his wall.  

Ross loved music.  He initially took lessons on the piano at 13-14 years of age which later grew into a lifelong passion.  His parents bought him his first keyboard at the age of 15.   No public piano was left idle when Ross walked by.   


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