Ross John Beatty
July 16, 1953 - December 09, 2017

The Ross John Beatty Journal
Started by Clare Beatty on December 19, 2017
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I was introduced to Ross by a mutual business acquaintance only this year in February. I instantly warmed to Ross despite being 20 years his junior and across the course of the intervening months of our constant spoken dialogue and written correspondence, I came to recognise in Ross a good man, kindred spirit and one whom I came to value as a genuine friend. I am seldom envious of others but those of you reading this who knew Ross for many years in friendship are singularly blessed; I can only imagine the overwhelming joy and pride his loved ones and family must feel when they think of this true Gentleman of Canada. I shall miss our conversations about history, my Ukrainian heritage, our shared passion for different cultures, my love of Latin, the absolute adoration of and love for our Children and his contagiously and infectious optimism as we engaged on a number of funding and insurance opportunities with his clarion calls as we engaged on skype at all hours of: "Rock on!" "I have a big Tuna to land!" "Top of the morning to ya!" followed by his entitling me as the "Governor" or "Squire" because I am domiciled in dear old Blighty. Unbeknown to me, Ross had sadly passed the day that I sent him a Christmas greeting in which I share with him my commentary of us both belonging to "the increasingly older generation that still enjoys the merits and value of courtesy, friendship, laughter, manners, Rugby and good Cigars while still believing that Whisky is a much misunderstood vitamin and a food group despite modern medical opinion." In the short time that I had the absolute pleasure of Ross' friendship and the brightness that came with it, I can offer no greater epitaph than to say that he was indeed a true ambassador and Gentleman of the great nation of Canada .... Ross recently reminded me that it is actually Canada (not the USA) who is our oldest, firmest and dearest ally across the water as we discussed the fact that the Canucks flew to the Empire's colours in the First World War and the young national subsequently lost countless legion of her beloved sons on the bloody fields of Belgium and France. In memoriam Ross J Beatty, vir egregius, optimo amico et maximus agris elit repraesentans Canada. Paul C Rowland, Suffolk, England.
Posted by Paul Rowland on December 29, 2017

I met Ross in the summer of 85 as a 22 year old looking for his first job as a stockbroker , after being shut down interview after interview after interview . It was an incredible interview that I still speak about today. Ross spoke to me for around 2 minutes then picked up the phone and said to call the assistant manager and convince him to hire me , on the phone and I was in total shock and managed to actually do just that . After I got hired , he sat me down and spoke to me about his daughter , Clare and told me stories of her , and we continued for the next 33 years to talk about our children every single time we met , as our first order of business in any get together . The 3 years that I worked with Ross , it was the most incredible job that I ever had . One day , Ross came in after lunch and saw my desk which was filthy, covered with papers and documents , and he told me to bring the garbage can over , then threw every thing from my desk into the garbage and lit it on fire . It was the funniest moment ever , and I have always kept my desk sparkling clean , since then . I could tell lots of stories but knowing Ross was a tremendous experience in my life , his sense of life was unparalleled . God bless the family and my most sincere condolences .
Posted by Marc Schwalb on December 28, 2017

Even though we didn't know Ross personally, we thought we did! Our very close friends Don and Donna Woodbury, and Douglas Beatty, talked about Ross SO much that we knew him without meeting him! We thought that "one day" he would visit Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador, and spend a little time with his beautiful sister Donna, her husband Don, and his brother Doug, and Doug's "better half" Lupe! Sadly, Ross passed well before his time. John and I both personally know how it feels to lose a brother. We are saddened by Ross' passing, and are sad we missed the opportunity to meet such an amazing legend! To the family and close friends, may all the wonderful memories you hold so dearly in your heart, comfort you during this time of loss. Ross will forever be remembered.
Posted by Darlene Blackett on December 20, 2017

Always in my heart - love Gaye xo
Posted by Gaye Somerton de Jimenez on December 20, 2017

Ross was a great friend with big heart. There was never a dull moment with him. He always wanted the best for everyone. He was so passionate about doing good things and helping people across the globe. He will be deeply missed and his memories will be with me all time.
Posted by Mack Payravi on December 19, 2017

Ross' family and friends are so dispersed that we will likely have a Celebration of Life around the time of Ross' birthday - July 16th in 2018. As plans materialize we will ensure that everyone is made aware of the event.
Posted by Rick Beatty on December 19, 2017

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