Tiana Angelique Notice
February 04, 1984 - February 14, 2009

Favorite Food: chicken, and McDonald's small fries
Favorite Saying/Quote: "God is good."
Favorite Color: purple
Favorite Vacation: Disney in the van
Favorite Movie: Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
Favorite Book: The Bible
Favorite Restaurant: Panera Bread, and The Cheesecake Factory
Favorite Dessert: Milky Way
Hobbies and Additional Favorites:

Tiana loved to sing, she had an obsession with Prada, and shoes and shopping were among some of her favorite things. She also loved her bible quotes dearly.

Tiana loved to write poetry.

Chapter Closed
           By Tiana Angelique Notice

Can't say I didn't see it coming.
I prolonged the process long enough
sometimes you want to give a man
the benefit of the doubt.
To prove he is who he says he is.
I was disappointed.
For all the words were lies
and his actions spoke louder.

Let his emptiness comfort him at night.

Like them cement walls he became accustomed to.

Let the words of foolish single men around him fill him
with the knowledge to move forward.

May he spend the rest of his nights knowing he drove a true love away.

And I may live with the contentment of knowing that I had the final say.

For there are not tears to shed but tears of joy.
An escape from the drama that surrounds his past, present, and future.
From the release of his temper, torture, threats, ego, jealousy, and insecurity.

I smile for my curtain call.
To have won and gained and lost nothing at all but a shallow companionship.
For his house is empty and my life is full.
For trouble surrounds him and karma will pay its respects.

I pray he humble himself before the Lord and save the error of his ways.
For sometimes I may let my tongue get the best of me, but my love never gets
carried away.

For I regained my strength when I walked out the door.
Regained independence by "saying no more."
An empty house in solitude is how he will spend his days.
And I rest assured in knowing: I'm beautiful, smart, and on my way!

Dated August 24, 2008




In the wake of a misty eve.

Through the break of a rising sun.

Sleeping beasts appear quiet and tame.

Unbeknownst to the naked eye.

I laugh in the face of adversity and smile in the presence of my enemies.

For I am protected by a Higher power.

No man’s strength can match.

My shield can withstand any jab from your sharpest sword.

The armor of God covers me.

Can’t you see…that your efforts are no match for God?

No evil deed you try will succeed.

For I am more than a conqueror.

Not a slave to any number of blame.

Fish tremble at the sound of his Holy Name.

Whom shall I fear?  God is my only judge.

For every man will have to hold an account of his life.

When he asks you if you have turned away from wickedness and repented,

What will you have to say?

My peace is not in the absence of trouble, but in the presence of the Lord.

I stand here as a survivor to tell the tale.

Surrounded by my ring of angels that wisk me off to safety.

For every weapon formed against me shall not prosper.

Spinning your wheels to get to me, no need.  I’m already set free.

To be at the throne of Kings and Queens to inherit riches this world could never offer me.

Ready to walk into my DESTINY!



By:  Tiana A. Notice  2/12/09

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