Vilma Dopson Harnamji
December 31, 1932 - December 25, 2006

Full Name: Vilma Dopson Harnamji
Date of Birth: December 31, 1932
Date of Death: December 25, 2006
Country of Birth: Trinidad and Tobago
Place of Birth: Marabella, Trinidad
Place of Death: Houston, Texas
Biography: Vilma Dopson Harnamji was born in Marabella, Trinidad, West Indies, on December 31, 1932.  She was the middle child with two brothers, Kelvin and Raymond.  She loved to sew and cook at an early age and became very good at both.  Mom was also a very beautiful and intelligent woman, who became a wonderful mother. 

Mom remained a housewife to raise the five kids, Ricky, Barry, Darin, Perry and Tracey, but took an occasional job.  She spent time with friends and family as often as possible but equally enjoyed her quiet time.  Mom was most happy to be able to spend quality time with her grandkids, Jared and Madison.  She loved to spoil them, as grandparents normally do, and reveled in the love and attention she received from them.

Mom had a long and varied life.  She lived life with all the vigor that she could gather and always maintained the integrity and class of a genuine lady.  Mom had the potential to do great things but it just wasn’t in the cards for her.  Medical problems kept her close to home but seldom kept her from enjoying a small getaway every now and again.  Mom was a great and beautiful lady.  I love you forever, Mom.  

Mom’s Story

My parents divorced in 1984.  All of us kids helped out as much as we could, to keep her spirits up and keep Mom going.  She got back up and carried on, as a result, and began living again. 

In July, 2001, however, my younger brother, Darin, died.  This was a tremendous blow to my Mom, as well as the rest of us.  It hit her pretty hard and she was never quite the same vibrant person we all knew and loved.

Her grandchildren, Jared and Madison, were born in early 2002 and 2004, respectively, and her spirits began to lift again.  They gave her a reason to continue and something else to look forward to. 

In mid 2004, Mom had a stroke which left her unable to eat or drink anything and she was fitted with a feeding tube.  Over the next couple years, bouts with pneumonia and then congestive heart failure took her final breath on Christmas day, 2006.

This was as painful an experience as I have ever known and it was completely unexpected. 


My Mother, Vilma Harnamji, was the most important person in my life growing up.  She helped shape the values and morals which I hold high.  She provided inspiration and encouragement when I needed them.  No one else could ever compare or take her place.  
I Love You and miss You, Mom. 

I created the slide show as a tribute to the memory of my wonderful Mother, Vilma Harnamji.  I hadn't seen some of the photos for years and had to do some major photographic enhancements to most of them.  It was a very emotional undertaking and took a lot out of me to accomplish but I am certainly glad I was able to do it.  If only Mom could have seen it.

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