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Andrea Raphael
April 09, 1964 - April 06, 2012

Saturday, March 18, 2017 11:36 AM

Your kindness was so impulsive and easy. And even in college you had a sagacious love for uncertainty and for the present, that many of us found only later, if ever. I missed the opportunity to know you better after Williams. And I'm saddened by that. Because the girl I remember strengthened me at every meeting, and blessed me with a smile that shines in my minds eye and encourages me still. I remember you always, Andrea. Thank you for your inspiration, and for encouraging me to see beauty.
Charles Goforth (New York City, NY)

Monday, March 16, 2015 11:39 PM

It has been three years since Andrea bounded into her next great adventure, and I have been thinking about her tonight. I am thinking about going to Williams for the first time in years for a track reunion in April, and I so wish I could call Andrea to see if she wants to come too. So she was on my mind when I went to yoga tonight, and came home to see if any pictures of her were still online. And behold, found this website. And there, at the end of the cue, is a photo of Andrea in tree pose, beaming at me. And after looking at ALL the pictures, I now have a big smile on my face. She will be going to Williams with me after all. Because her friendship, and her big beautiful smile, will always be a part of who I am. Thank you, sweet Andrea, for sharing your friendship with me. You were a joy, and death has in no way diminished your bounding and joyful spirit. Death had, in fact, absolutely NO idea what it was getting itself into, taking you away. I can just see you recruiting the Grim Reaper off his dreary course and into rolling up his sleeves in some worthy cause to help someone, never knowing what hit him but unable to argue with so much loving enthusiasm. Love you, my dear. Namaste.
Lindsay Irvin (San Antonio, TX)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012 8:30 PM

I've just learned of Andrea's passing and, though I haven't seen her since high school, I am shocked and saddened to learn that her life was cut short. I knew Andrea in grade school at little Langley and in high school at Madeira, and I will share with all who read this that her passion for life and generous spirit were a part of her being even in her younger years.
Carrie Lederman Barotz (Scarsdale, NY)

Friday, December 14, 2012 6:11 PM

Andrea took guitar lessons with me right around the time she started feeling unwell. I just found out today about her passing. My prayers are with her family & her spirit, which she shared so generously with everyone.
Robby Roiter (Northampton, MA)

Sunday, October 21, 2012 10:56 AM

Yesterday, I tried to find Andrea on LinkedIn, as I wanted to connect with her after many, many years. I saw, that she only had two connections and thought, that she deosn´t use this network and typed her name into Google. When I saw her pictures and her smile, I was so happy! But only for a moment, until I read the text....I could not believe, that Andrea is no longer with us. It was a shock.
I worked with Andrea at WWF in D.C. - we were the smallest Program there - Central and Eastern Europe - only 3 people. Andrea, our boss Rich and myself. It felt like a family and we loved, what we were doing. Helping environmental NGO´s in then Czechoslovakia, Poland and Hungary. I always looked up to Andrea - the way she talked to people, the way she understood and helped - she was my hero. I was 10 years older but for me, she was the mature person, full of life, fun to be with. I will never forget her smile and her warm personality. I wish, I could hug her children and tell them, how much I loved their mom. My thoughts are with the whole family.
I am happy, that I could see Andrea´s pictures. She didn´t change at all - I will always remember her smiling.
Marie Ciganeková from Prague, Czech Republic
Marie Ciganek (in Czech Ciganekova) (Prague, Czech Republic)

Wednesday, June 06, 2012 2:58 PM

I heard the news about Andrea while traveling in Europe. Since I wasn't able to attend her service or give my support to her family and friends in person, I tried to light candles in churches everywhere I went to spread Andrea's spirit and memory abroad. Here is the album with those photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/63564378@N05/sets/721576300483-
Sophie Crafts (Leverett, MA)

Wednesday, June 06, 2012 2:53 PM

Rather than shorting out the Shutesbury internet connection, here are all the candle photos on a web album. I hope it works!
Sophie Crafts (Northamton, MA)

Monday, May 07, 2012 8:07 PM

Andrea’s eyes were remarkable, weren’t they?! A poet might say they were a window into her soul or an artist might mention that they were the color of the Colorado sky just before sunset. I, probably like you, found them unforgettable because they seemed to dance when she smiled which was pretty much all the time. Her hair tied in a ponytail will also be a memory for me because I made the mistake of trying to keep up with her AND it by going on a jog with her on too many occasions. I seemed to plod along while Andrea bounced inevitably ahead of me with a certain Tigger like quality. AND, of course, her LAUGH. It was akin to her signature, quite simply inseparable from who she was as a person and friend. It embraced you, tickled you and encouraged you to come a little closer because in Andrea’s world there simply was always room for one more friend, one more colleague, one more teammate.

To say that Andrea had a way with people – would be like saying that Pele was pretty good with a soccer ball. She loved nothing more than making a new friend and if you were truly blessed, you would be able to consider her, to use her words, “a buddy.” Andrea had lots of “buddies!” She had so much to share and to give.

She was happiest when she was helping others or organizing a charity, art or athletic event. Her heart had space for many, many friends, and I truly believe she cherished each relationship as a precious gift to be nurtured, enjoyed and freely shared. If you were Andrea’s friend, you inevitably became a part of a much larger circle of friendships, because this is how Andrea’s world worked and how she wanted the world to work.

One can’t spend time with Andrea without noticing she had more than a little bit of energy. As a matter of fact, Eveready, the battery company, must have been channeling Andrea in when they developed the “Bunny” concept for their advertisements. She simply was irrepressible in her optimism and found joy in being with John, with her beautiful children, with her friends, and in learning new things. Spending a full 24 hours with Andrea was a unique combination of Love Boat Cruise, grueling sporting event, intellectual seminar and outdoor adventure. There was simply so much to do, to explore, to learn and to enjoy that the day and sometimes night could simply not contain it all despite her TRULY best effort.

Andrea reveled in using her body to run, dance, play, and create. One of her many palettes was the athletic field. While many of us content ourselves to choose and specialize in one or another sport, Andrea’s preference was to play them all and play them All at a high level. While in College, Andrea played soccer and lacrosse, swam for the team and skated ice hockey. She also ran, roller bladed and was quite a tennis player. What united all of these endeavors was her love of play, of being on a team and being physically active. It was one of the many things in her life that connected her to others and to herself.

I love the fact that Andrea’ careers (note the plural) did not define her, she, instead, defined her many paths. Infinitely capable, Andrea moved with ease from challenging career to challenging career. In college she developed and taught a for credit course in Non Violence and Social Change, in the working world she was a moderator who reveled in the ability to bring peace where there was disharmony. Through her eyes, there was always a way to create a just solution in which both sides of an argument are reconciled. It did not surprise me one bit when Andrea decided to reinvent herself, yet again, as only she could and become an educator and advocate for the children in our school system who are most in need. I know that today there are many children living better, healthier lives because Andrea was their teacher and advocate.

While many of us loved Andrea, only one person captured her heart the way John Riley did. She loved you deeply, John, and was most happy in your arms. One of her happiest days, I know, was her wedding day. The day she got to express to you and to all of her friends and family how pleased and honored she was to be able to spend her life with you. I can still picture her ear to ear smile as she, in the way ONLY Andrea could, paddled in a canoe across the lake toward the ceremony to stand by your side and say her vows.

Maeve and Christopher, it was her greatest joy to be your mother. There was an immense pride when she spoke of her love for each of you and her desire to help the two of you grow up to be the kind of honorable, caring, talented and thoughtful young people you are today. She loves you deeply today and always.

Andrea was a fighter. During her battle with chronic lyme disease, in spite of great pain and fatigue, she continued to do her best to be there for her family and friends. Andrea was a woman of strong convictions and even stronger passions. She fiercely loved her friends and family and wanted nothing more than to be able to give back to them. She was deeply appreciative of her community and all the love and care shown to her these past 20 years in Florence and particularly during these past eighteen months.

As we know, Andrea loved nothing more than to dance, barefoot if possible, in a circle surrounded by her friends and family, under the moon. We all wish there was time for one more “moondance” with Andrea. They say that the brightest stars have the shortest lives. Andrea’s life and light burned brightly illuminating our lives and bathing us in her friendship and love. We will continue to love and to miss Andrea. She will always be a cherished part of our lives.
Bill Wolf-Tinsman (Denver, CO)

Sunday, May 06, 2012 10:20 PM

I almost hope that this tragedy will never make sense to me. Below I share a poem that Andrea loved at one time in her life. It was written by Diane Ackerman and I could never recall it's nature without thinking of Andrea. I think I have it right but there might be more to it. At any rate, what I remember is pure Andrea.


What plagues this store-bought world is tedium.
Hash most night. Beef shanks and sockets.
Lentils! On Sunday, boiled bones and Te Deum.
Buttoning and unbuttoning each others pockets.

This night more sequined than a jaguar's hide
the moon is luminous, a white fleshy scar.
Time is a kneeling animal. People chide
me for being short of sense, but they
are short of wonder. Inbred. Inert. In cahoots. In lieu.

They spend their lives like dull brass coins,
while I crack open a world or two:
life's torpor is the blazing savanna of my loins.

So let me flail bug-eyed at a windmills bark,
steal vision's pass key, and rifle the dark.
-Diane Ackerman

Goodbye Sweet Pea. You were wonderful. Now I must weep.
Francis Gallo (Williamsburg, MA)

Saturday, May 05, 2012 11:43 AM

Another Fallen Warrior of Justice, Monarch of Compassion, and Minister of Love
I was only a freshman when I was blessed and priviledged to make Andrea's acquaitance. The very first thing I noticed about her essence was her radiant and inviting smile. Andrea's smile is her ultimate trademark. The power of her smile resonated thru your soul with wonderful vibrations of love, compassion, and inspiration. There are only a few people on this planet who's aura touched you deepely, Andrea was one of those individuals. I believe Andrea's greatest legacy is all of those people who's life she touched. So in essence it's a living legacy as we continue to live and continue to pass on the multitude of enless gifts she so graciously gave us during her exceptional existence. So this is how we celebrate her wonderful life, by living how Andrea would envision us to live.
Marcelo(Cello) da Silva (Glen Cove, NY)
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