Clarel Owarish-Radicella
September 18, 1964 - July 15, 2011

Favorite Sports Team: New York Yankees
Favorite Food: anything ethnic (mauritian, cuban, thai, carribean)
Favorite Musical Group: Red Hot Chili Pepper
Greatest Achievement: her 3 kids, her P.H.D, mind your business website, conquering fear
Favorite Saying/Quote: "When I look at my life and ask myself If I've left my imprint on humanity and even a legacy? I know I've done so already .. i think about my three children
Favorite Flower: Sun Flower
Favorite Color: Blue
Best Childhood Experience: living at 38 avenue ollier with sisters, aunts and grandparents; vacationing in Cape Cod with parents and sisters; rollerskating in Central Park with sisters
Favorite Vacation: Trou aux Biches in Mauritius
Favorite Movie: Summer Lovers
Favorite Song: Being with You-Smokey Robinson
Favorite Book: Catcher in the Rye
Favorite Restaurant: Legal Seafood, Banghok Palace
Favorite Dessert: Red Velvet Cake
Hobbies and Additional Favorites:

What do I do? I like Helping Others. It's pretty Simple, yet the rewards are Great! I take Networking seriously. I value all my friendships. Those who know me well, can tell you what that means:-) I live a life of simplicity and do not like things "complicated."

"A Good Will Ambassador" - Sarita L.
"Not A Promoter, You're a Lover of the People who promotes positiveness and encourages self-esteem." - Gina T.
"An Enlightened Enlightener" - Tamara S.
"A great Talent Booker" - MichaelaRadio/TV
"Unstoppable" - Alison. M.
"A beautiful Woman with a gift of blessing and connecting others" - Rolanda D.M.

Website http://www.mindyourbiz.org


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