Malcolm Lamar "Daddy Mac" Devers
September 20, 1947 - May 10, 2017

"My Dad"

It was not too long ago that I discovered the Daddy Mac was in fact my father, April 4, 2016 to be exact. Soon after in August of that same year, I made the trip out to the dreaded state of Texas to Mesquite to finally meet the "my dad". I can't begin to describe how awkward those words sounded coming from my mouth, yet here I was saying it over and over. I met Terin first and we spent the day together before going to meet Daddy Mac. 

The time had come, I was on the way to meet my dad, my father, Daddy Mac. We arrive to the apartment, I took a deep breath and in we walked. Can I just say, surreal. He walked up to me with open arms and gave me a hug with tears in his eyes. The next day we sat outside (in the sweltering Texas heat) for hours just talking, about each other, our past and how grateful we both were for this amazing opportunity. His phrase of that day was "you don't even know"... and he was right, I couldn't imagine the shock or the emotions, but I had a pretty good idea. I am saddened that I did not have more time to get to know him but I know I will have the chance to learn more through all of your many stories that I am sure are going to be a lot of fun to share.

Along with meeting "my dad", I gained an amazing family that took me in with open arms and questions asked. I am thankful for you all and love you all very much.

Started by Stephara Greenhagen on May 14, 2017

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