Memory Book
Malcolm Lamar "Daddy Mac" Devers
September 20, 1947 - May 10, 2017

Monday, May 29, 2017 12:47 PM

I remember most all my football games my senior year of high school, but one in particular sticks out the most. It was the middle of the season and we were not having a good year or game. It's the 3rd quarter and we were down by 2 scores. We had somehow managed to recover a fumble by the other team inside their territory. It's second down and the play called is a dive play through the middle of the left side hole, and im starting fullback lol. We break the huddle and jog up to the line of scrimmage. Before I enter my 3point stance, I gazed past the defense towards the endzone as I always had. As I scanned the horizon, I noticed 3 people standing on the other side of the fence...my best friend Matt, whom had already graduated the year before, Daddy Mac and his best friend Greg St Claire! At this point it had been over a year since last seeing Daddy Mac, and knowing that he must have just arrived in town and went straight to Matt's to start partying, it was a sign of a fun weekend ahead! We snap the ball, and the quarterback spins to his left hand hands me the ball. I lowered my shoulder into the chest of the right guard and spun off his momentum. After a quick stiff arm to the face of the linebacker and it was off to the races! After crossing the endzone I dropped the ball and ran over to the end they were all 3 at. As I took off my helmet to say hi, I noticed Daddy Mac raising up a pint of whiskey to me while saying, "Nice run, sun! Have a drink"! I knocked back a big shot without thinking about my coach, teammates and everyone looking that direction! After returning the bottle and saying I would see them after the game, I jogged back to the sidelines. While going past my coach, he simply states "I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that"
At this point I was so excited that I didn't give a damn what he saw! Daddy Mac always loved telling this story to new people, and even ones that had already heard it dozens of times! That was one of his favorite things, was telling stories!
I can't wait to read some of yalls!
Terin Duncan (Dallas, TX)
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