Eduardo "Negro" Guzman
October 26, 1939 - February 01, 2018

Guzman Family Scholarship


Guzman Family Scholarship

Some history on the Guzman Family and the Scholarship fund:

The Guzmán family immigrated to Chelsea from Costa Rica. Eduardo’s parents, Bolivar and Rosa Guzman, had twelve children.  Seven of the twelve children, with little education or opportunity, risked everything to move to the United States. They worked back-breaking jobs, struggled to learn English, and faced discrimination, all in pursuit of the American Dream. They planted roots and made a home for their children in Chelsea. They passed on the values of their father, Bolivar, the patriarch of the family, a humble man who valued family above all else.

Many of us, the grandchildren of Bolivar and Rosa, attended and/or graduated from Chelsea High School beginning in 1973 and lasting through 1992. Along the way, many teachers, coaches, guidance counselors and administrators helped create and mold a vision of opportunity through education. Today, the extended Guzmán family totals well over 120 people, spanning various parts of the United States and the world. We have pursued careers in numerous disciplines including education, law, law enforcement, medicine, military, public relations, real-estate and technology. We carry our Chelsea experiences wherever we go and have built a future rooted in education and family. We wholeheartedly share a commitment to honor the memory and sacrifices made by our parents, and a responsibility to help a new generation from Chelsea, by extending this scholarship to a future college-bound Chelsea High School graduate.

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