Gail Patricia Caldwell
October 04, 1953 - June 10, 2017

Some days.......

Some days everything is a reminder

There are days that begin well, then deteriorate late in the evening before sleep can dull the senses. And then there days that disappear right away into the darkness that encompasses my life.  

I have been told, ad infinitum..."Time will heal" . If I hear the phrase one more time I may go stark raving mad.

Activities, tv shows, even shopping, are all reminders. Today, at supper at my brother's house, it was caesar salad & tomatoes, two of Gail's favourite foods. I was a mess. I had to leave the table.

Enjoyable pastimes are mostly a thing of the past.  And music, so much a part  of my previous life, does not live at my house any more.  Because....it is a reminder.



Started by Robert Flowers on July 13, 2017
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