Gail Patricia Caldwell
October 04, 1953 - June 10, 2017

Emotional dysfuntion runs high

Emotional dysfunction runs high

In times of extreme crisis, for almost everyone, emotions run very high. People feel like they are walking on eggshells, or that they're like a balloon about to burst with the slightest touch of a pin.

Often, at the death of a loved one, some will shut down their feelings entirely. It is too much turmoil for them to handle. They feel that they will lose control. They may acknowledge that the event took place. They may even admit to being upset, but their internal mechanism will not allow the overt expression of strong feelings.

Instead, a substitute will be focused on. Something related to the event, but not the actual thing itself, will generate out of proportion reactions. Details that are, at best, insignificant in the entire scheme of things, will be the cause of much larger than life emotional distress, that gets spread around as if it were the real cause. And it isn't. It never is.

It's called deflecting. It allows someone to say that this thing or that is behind their reaction. Then they don't have to deal with the actual cause, which is the death and separation from their loved one and all of their suppressed/repressed feelings

Getting bent out of shape because of not getting certain considerations, such as items that were not immediately forthcoming from the deceased, or their survivors, or being excluded from the will, gives the impression of righteous indignation, as if it were the truth.

But it is a false flag. Nothing is ever as it seems, as it appears. There is always something else going on in the background, usually layer upon layer of meaning, particularly when emotions run very high.

And at a death they always do. Always!

Gaining property at the expense of real relationships is a red herring 100 per cent of the time.

Unfortunately, with more and more emotional volatility, real reasons, real feelings seldom get addresssed, and real grief gets deflected, so dysfuntion remains.



Started by Robert Flowers on July 19, 2017
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