Gail Patricia Caldwell
October 04, 1953 - June 10, 2017

Hummingbirds from Gail

Hummingbirds from Gail

Many of you know that Gail did Totem Animal readings. The cards that she used were by Jamie Sams, in the first edition. Gail did almost 100 readings over the years.

For a basic life reading 9 cards are chosen from the deck of 70+ cards. These make up your totem animals that are with you for life. This kind of reading is always only done once. It is, at times, not unusual to have a few similar cards when comparing readings, usual 1, 2, or 3 out of the 9.

Gail and I had 5 of 9 cards the same. This reading was done for us by the minister who officiated our wedding service.  His sentiment was "no wonder you're compatible!"

Hummingbird is one of Gail's totem.

On June 10, after those awful moments, 2 hummingbirds flew past the side of the deck, stopping mid-air only long enough to get me to see them. Yet they had not been around to our feeder, by that time, for some months.

In the afternoons and early evenings now it is my habit to sit on the deck and watch the sunset. One afternoon this summer, I was feeling particularly broken, and was about to descend into a darker place than I already was. Just as I felt my tears surfacing, a hummingbird flew under the deck umbrella, and hovered about 2- 3 feet from my face at eye level. It was nowhere near the feeder. But it did turn away from me and look at it several times, turning back to face me each time before it flew off. I knew immediately that I needed to change the food. That evening it returned.

Ever since then, the M.O. of the birds that come onto the deck is this. They endeavour, it seems, to make me see them and look at them before they go to the feeder. Last week, in one of my darker moments, one of them flew directly into my line of sight as I sat, and spoke with me for a few chirps and then flew off. There was no mistaking that the little bird was facing me  and looking directly at me. It was that close. I always say Thank You.

Humminbirds, though, are usually very skittish. They will make a quick exit when they sense movement of any sort. These ones around me don't seem to mind.

No question that Gail is sending them. She would know that I would get this, that I would recognize this activity for what it is. As I have said previously, to us there was/is no such thing as coincidence, ever. There are layers and layers of meaning, and absolutely everything has meaning.

This is not happenstance.

These hummingbirds are a reminder, and they are from Gail!

And I am grateful!


Started by Robert Flowers on October 11, 2017
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