Gilbert Craig Neidig
May 10, 1950 - January 03, 2018

Full Name: Gilbert Craig Neidig
Date of Birth: May 10, 1950
Date of Death: January 03, 2018
Country of Birth: United States
Place of Birth: Ponca City, Oklahoma
Place of Death: Kansas City, Missouri

Craig Neidig, retired Chief Warrant Officer, U.S. Navy, was a devoted protector of his family and his country. He left us too early, after a long battle with cancer. Those who loved and will never forget him are thankful that he was able to turn the few months he was given to live into six more years.


Craig was especially protective of Aida Neidig, his loving wife of more than 20 years. Aida says he was her hero, and she tells of how he was always at her side, provided her with everything she needed - even shopping for things like panty hose, opened doors for her, and told her she was beautiful and a good mother.


Craig spoke proudly and warm-heartedly of his son Derek and his step-children. He could be counted on for sage advice and encouragement. "Grandpa San Diego" was also fond of his grandchildren; Sophie Marie, Leah and Iva were fortunate to spend lots of time with him in his last year.


Craig's love for his country is evident in his long military and civil service. His military honors are numerous and noteworthy. America was fortunate to have the dedication and sacrifice of someone so characteristically protective of the things he loved, which included the ability to live such a rich life.


His rich life and interests included things like walks along the San Diego Harbor or on Coronado Island with his wife Aida, travels around the world, especially to the warmth of the Philippine Islands, roadtrips across the U.S., sailing his own vessel, following world and U.S. politics, working with computers and technology, and spending time with his grandkids. He lived life as fully as he could.

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