Jill Marie Moucheron
May 23, 1975 - March 03, 2009

Happy 41st Birthday My Precious Daughter

My Precious daughter.....my tears are like the rain never to cease.   My heart and soul continue to cry out for you each passing year....Your presence always near.  Love and Misss you....forever and a day......Love Mom  angelbroken heart

Started by Marilyn Babuscio on May 23, 2016

Happy 40th Birthday My Precious Angel Jill
 My heart and soul cry out for you.  I miss you so.....May you be dancing in the skies celebrating with the angels!!!!!!!!!!  Love and miss you ....Mom
Started by Marilyn Babuscio on May 23, 2015

Dear Sweet Jill it is 6 years now

My Dear Sweet Jill: 
I cannot believe it is six years...
as I have said many times since..
sometimes it feels like yesterday and
sometimes it feels like it was a lifetime ago...
but it was a lifetime..your lifetime.....

The shadow of your smile…
the twinkle in your eyes…
the warmth of your laughter…
embedded in the depths of our minds.
The beauty you once created…
the Souls you ‘ve gently touched…
your kindness and tender heart…
a few of the things we miss so much.

Love & Miss you more each day.
Mom, Shawn, Tony and Frank
Started by Marilyn Babuscio on March 03, 2015

Happy 39th Birthday My Dear Jill

Another year...The heartache never leaves....the tears never cease....your face, your smile and you giggle are forever etched in the echoes of my mind and the depths of my soul.

A lifetime of joy...and of love...  Reaching for the stars above.  Touching hearts...dazzling our eyes....creations of beauty no one can deny.  Talent, beauty, a heart so kind…Your life these treasured memories left behind.   You are always in my heart and on my mind.....Love and Miss you more with each passing day.   Mom

Started by Marilyn Babuscio on May 23, 2014

March 3, 2014

My mind and heart do not work together on days like these.  My mind tells me it is five years and my heart says it was yesterday but forever all wrapped in one.  I miss you soooooo much....there is a hole in my heart that will never heal.....life is so empty without you......I feel like a puzzle that has been left out in the rain with one piece missing........even when it dries no matter how hard you try...push....twist...turn or trim....none of the pieces fit together the same way anymore. ......................Love is never ending...Love does not cease...because life has unfolded and ended in grief....though a struggle to move forward....embracing a new purpose I strive...In Loving Memory of You...A tribute to Your Life........You are Always on My Mind and In My Heart....Love you.........Eternally Mom

Started by Marilyn Babuscio on March 03, 2014

My fifth Birthday without you
Dear Jill,  My heart CRIES out to hold you, hug you and kiss your cheek...to hear your voice and giggle again....I so miss you....I can see you sitting there on my birthday that last year at 11 saying Mom I have to tell you something.. .don't get mad, I have been sick for three days I did not want to ruin your birthday...Yes.I was upset and said Jill please don't ever do that again....your health is more important....I will have another birthday....because of that here we are...me here..... you there....You are Always on My Mind and in My Heart......I Love you......Mom
Started by Marilyn Babuscio on January 21, 2014

Love and Miss You




In Loving Memory


Through the Eyes of Love a Mother's Heart revealed..

Joy and Sorrow now Memories Partners….

Grief and Tears a Fruitage of My Heart for Loving You….




Started by Marilyn Babuscio on May 23, 2013

To Jill:

March 3, 2010

It has been a year since your passing and it seems like yesterday. Not a day passes that you are not in our thoughts or conversation. We miss and love you so very much.

Love Uncle Mark & Aunt Pat

Started by Marilyn Babuscio on March 05, 2010

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