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R. Gordon Gastil
June 25, 1928 - September 29, 2012
San Diego, California

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From John Gastil
Saturday, September 29, 2012 10:22 PM
Baseball with Dad
It may be a trivial string of memories, but Dad and I bonded over baseball. We listened to Padres games on the radio. Went to Jack Murphy Stadium many, many times, parking miles away from the ballpark (to ...
Russell Gordon Gastil passed away at home on the afternoon of September 29, 2012, in the loving company of his dear wife, Janet Manly Gastil, his four children (Garth, Mary, George, and John), his grandson William, and three of his long-time geology colleagues. His last days were spent listening to his family sharing stories, reading his poems aloud, signing selections . . .

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8/21/2002, Awarded Dibble Medal for geology

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Volcan Mountain Foundation
Rising over 5,000 feet, Volcan Mountain is the dominant scenic feature for a significant portion of San Diego's backcountry and visible from the Pacific coastline 60 miles away. It is . . .

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Favorite Saying/Quote:
Are you going to eat that?

Favorite Musical Group:
Tremble Clef Choir

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