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Gerald Wayne "Jerry" Doyle
December 11, 1935 - September 27, 2017

Thursday, October 05, 2017 11:11 AM

The Dad He Never Had

(A Father's Day Tribute from 2004)

As Father's Day approaches and I take a backwards glance,

I could not quite forgive myself, if I did not take the chance

to honor and remember Gerald Doyle, good and bad,

and to thank the Lord in Heaven, for the Dad I never had.


He was big and strong and handsome that dear old Dad of mine.

He was proud to be a lawman and how his badge did shine.

He loved his boys, Greg and Jeff, even when we made him mad,

and he swore he'd never treat us, like the Dad he never had.


His father's name was Homer, lived an Oklahoma life.

Left Jess and Jerry fatherless and took another wife.

Jess ran off to join the Navy, little Jerry was so sad;

swore he'd never treat his children like the Dad he never had.


Then his mother, Glennie, wed an angry man named Fred,

who never took to Jerry, used to beat him in his bed.

And young Jerry felt rejection by his Mom and new step-Dad;

longed for love and understanding from the Dad he never had.


He was not a perfect father as he raised the two of us.

Yes, he often lost his temper, used to yell and scream and cuss.

But he'd hug us and he'd kiss us, and that always made us glad

that he took the time to treat us like the Dad he never had.


Now I have three children of my own: Sarah, Brian, Jennifer.

And I love them like my father loved his boys, you can be sure.

He will alaways be my hero, yes, I'll always love you Dad,

for you chose to love your children, like the Dad you never had.


Someday, life will pass between us and this world will fade away,

and we'll part this present company, but meet again some day.

And I know that up in Heaven, God will love His little lad.

He has always loved you, Father, like the Dad you never had.


(poem excerpted from The Sting of the Gadfly, Gregpry Allen Doyle, Lifevest Publishing, Centennial, CO, 2005, p. 241)

Greg Doyle
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