Karl David Gluck
March 04, 1964 - January 29, 2016

Favorite Sports Team: New York Mets
Favorite Food: Big Tim's Vegetarian BBQ (Yes, he actually asked Big Tim in southside St Pete, FL if they had vegetarian BBQ!
Favorite Musical Group: He loved quite a few, Madonna was a special one.
Greatest Achievement: Having Vivi, learning and mastering Chinese and Russian and publishing books of his poetry in 1990 and 1991.
Favorite Saying/Quote: Have a good day!
Favorite Flower: Lotus
Favorite Color: He worked them all
Best Childhood Experience: Playing his trumpet while the dogs howled
Favorite Vacation: Pass-a Grille Beach, Fla
Favorite Movie: The Jerk
Favorite Song: There were lots
Favorite Book: Any poetry or philosphical works
Favorite Restaurant: Any diner
Favorite Dessert: Frozen yogurt
Hobbies and Additional Favorites: Translating, writing and reading poetry, taking Vivi anywhere
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