Matthew A Scherer
April 29, 1971 - July 29, 2007

From the Class of 2003
Yesterday, I received a box full of Matt's personal items from MS50. I was looking through it and I found pictures, yearbooks, a present that I gave Matt on our very first Christmas together and two plaques. One in particular plaque touched my heart and I wanted to share it with all of those who loved Matt like I did. The plaque was given to him by his first graduating class of 2003 and this is what it read:

" Words could never echo how we feel. No plaque could ever symbolize how important you are to us. We are part of all we have known, and we will take you with us in our thoughts, manners, and our hearts. There is no greater gift than the ones you have given us; the ability to dream and the tools to build them!"

;           -
;           - Junior High School 50 - Class of 2003

This plaque touched my heart....I hope it touched yours. I am so proud of you Matt...you are my hero...my strength...my sunshine.

Started by Nicole Lamberti on December 08, 2007

From Matt's Mom

Matt had too short a time on earth with all of us and now he wants us all to celebrate his short life.  The disease he battled this year was relentless. He endured so much so that he could live his life with his loving wife. Their life together was much too short yet brought him so much happiness. The last few weeks he was tired and the fight was taking its toll on him physically and emotionally. Several days before he passed he spoke with me and I really think he knew that his disease was winning the battle. He wanted me to tell all of you that loved him, to remember how special life was to him. He loved walking on the board walk with Nicole, going to dinner, drinking jack Daniels-maybe a little too much and going to the movies.  He spoke about missing the camerardie at school, playing basketball with his buddies after work, relaxing Friday night at the local bar after spending a hectic week with all those hormonal teens. All the things we take for granted. We know his love of the Jets, the Yankees, the FAN and Fantasy Baseball. So when you do all the things that Matt loved – watch the Yankees, walk on the boardwalk think of him and remember fondly the times you spent with him. He loved his work with the children in JHS 50. He touched many of their lives during the 9 years he was assigned there. Some of his students kept in contact with him because of the impact he made on their lives.  Because his work meant so much to him we will be setting up a scholarship fund in his memory to continue his legacy.

Started by Nicole Lamberti on December 01, 2007

Touching Message from Matt's good friend Tad
I hope this will serve as one of I'm sure many accounts of Matt that will help you remember all that he was and all those people whose lives he touched. 
As was the case with many of his other friends, Matt was the first to really greet me at 50.  He gave me my welcome and let me know if there is anything that I can do to help you.    When I had an issue, I would turn to Matt and he would welcome the opportunity to help.  And, I saw it in his interactions with so many others as well, be they students or colleagues.  Matt just had an innate ability and desire to help others.  I share his love of working with young people and it is through him that I developed my methods for interacting with youth in a positive and constructive way.  Even as a coworker, Matt managed to be one of my greatest teachers.  However, I will forever cherish Matt for the relationship that we developed outside of work.  
Matt's caring and love extended to every aspect of the lives of the people that he knew.  We developed a relationship that I have with very few people.  We would sit down and talk about our lives; our hopes, dreams, relationships and, of course, jobs.  He was able to just accept anything about me and give solid perspective on whatever I was going through while not pulling any punches.  Matt would always tell me how he saw it, and yet I always knew that he loved and cared about me regardless of his opinions.  Even more though, Matt welcomed me into his life and I feel so privileged to have been a part of it.  I will forever carry with me moments that we spent talking about our lives together, and especially those times that we got to spend together while living life.   
Matt –  
Thank you for sneaking me into the Jets – Seahawks game under the guise of rooting for your team. 
Thank you for the double baseball game day. 
Thank you for every last stupid handshake or dance that we made up for each other. 
Thank you for the time we spent coaching basketball together. 
Thank you for the countless number of "planning periods" where we would work together, not always accomplishing that much "work". 
Mostly though, thank you for every conversation we had together and every moment that we got to share.  I love you brother. 
To everyone else here –  
We really got to know one of the best people ever.  I'm sorry for our loss but Matt's life and his impact on ours will reverberate for an eternity.  I hope we can all find peace in that.  
Peace and love, 
Started by Nicole Lamberti on November 19, 2007

Matthew Scherer - By Clark Valentin Jr. - Originally written on 9/26/07
Why do good things happen to bad people? And how come bad things happen to good people? Those are two of the many questions that can’t be explained about the life that we all live in. This morning I received a phone call from my best friend and he informed me that he had some bad news to tell me. He told me that a great friend of ours who was also a teacher of ours had passed away last night due to Leukemia. How could something like this happen to someone so genuine? The answer to that question is easy. It’s because life isn’t fair, nor is it blind to justice, race, gender, or the righteousness of a person. This was the second time in my life thus far that I’ve received a phone call telling me that someone dear to my heart had passed away from Leukemia. And as you would probably guess, this morning wasn’t a pleasant one, nor has the rest of this day been pleasant since that heartbreaking phone call.
The person that this is about was my Junior High School English teacher and gym coach. His name is Mr. Scherer but to those of us whom he kept close to him knew him simply as Matt because God forbid any of us called him Mr. Scherer if we were at a pool party with him. He was one of thee most happiest people that I’ve ever known. He was also the second person that I’ve ever known to be a New York Jets fan. I remember walking into English class and always seeing a newspaper article about “ The Big Tuna “ on the chalkboard that was right by his desk. I didn’t know of many Jets fans nor did I keep up with the Jets so I had no idea what that article was about because I never really took the time out to read it but I obviously knew that it was about the Jets and I also knew that it must’ve been special to him so I never questioned it. I just understood that it was something that he was very proud of.
Matt Scherer was a free spirited man. There was rarely a time when I’ve seen him upset, sad, disappointed or enraged by something. He loved his life and he lived it whole heartedly. I remember how he would have talks with me and the laughs that we’ve shared together. I also remember all of the pats on the shoulders he would give us all when we did well in sports if we were on his team and how enthusiastic he would get at the end of a game. The most fun that I could remember having with him when it came to school activities was when we would play the “ Turkey Bowl “ in the snowy winter in McCarran Park in Brooklyn, New York. Win or lose, it rarely mattered to him because he loved sports in general, particularly the game of football. And if Matt Scherer didn’t give mind to losing, then the rest of us didn’t mind either because we all followed in his influential steps. He was and still is a prominent leader.
Matt was as strong as a thousand warriors so this devastating news about his fugacious death was a huge surprise to all of us. But I’m not writing this to reflect on the awful news. This is to celebrate Matt’s life and to help show the kind of person that he’ll always be viewed as. I will say this though - I guess his time here on earth was well spent and perhaps this is why God has called him to be in Heaven. So in prospective, you can say that he’s now more than just an earth angel to us. Now he’s the Archangel watching over us - his family and his friends; the people that he kept close to him through out his lifetime. He was definitely loved by each and everyone of us. He’ll be missed by us all. We’ll all see you once we get there Matt. So please open those Heavenly gates for us when you see us walking towards you old friend.
Rest In Peace Matthew Scherer.
Started by Nicole Lamberti on November 13, 2007

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