November 01, 1938 - February 23, 2016


Just wanted to write a few thoughts you have been on my mind lately. Thinking of all the great men who influenced me growing up and you are at the top of my list. You were always there with my beloved sister Clara Jean, caring and loving here until Yahuah took her home and I love you for it. For helping me with math when I was just a young boy and showing me all the formulas and equations that took me to Trigonometry and Calculus. I was always at the top of my class and it was because of you, Thank You. For coming to all my Madera High School baseball games and I know football was your sport of choice. But you came just to support me and my love for the sport. For also teaching me how to swim at Swimming Pool Park, even though you just threw me in, I was afraid at first, of course, but you assured me I could do it. All the great fishing trips we went on those exclusive and out of the way spots that only you knew about because of your job with PG&E. But most of all for my spiritual foundation it was you and Clara that made sure to pick up me, Marlon and Marlene on your way to Mt Zion Missionary Baptist Church every Sunday, Bible Study and Youth Services. We had the best Vacation Bible School ever, what we learned and made those summers are as vivid today as then. I will always cherish our relationship you were more than a Brother-in-Law just an older Brother. And I know I will see you and Sis soon on the other side. Love you Neville!!  

Started by neville bowen on April 18, 2017

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