December 05, 1933 - July 10, 2007

Favorite Sports Team: Olympic Skaters, Dance, Any Sports Team We Were On!
Favorite Food: Breads, Cheeses, Pastas, and More!! Greek Coffee. She Loved It All!!
Favorite Musical Group: The Nicos Tseperis Orchestra
Greatest Achievement: Her Family, Her Business, Being A Mother and Grandmother
Favorite Saying/Quote: "Just Try It," "Here I Am," "Don't Worry," "Hi, My Love,"I Love It,", "See You Later Alligator. In A While Crocodile," "Deliciones", "I Am So Fortunated", Mom always said, love whatever you look like today because in 10 years from now, you will love how you look today!! No truer words have been said!
Favorite Flower: Elegant, fresh floral arrangements!!
Favorite Color: Pinks, Yellows, Whites
Best Childhood Experience: Putting her head on her grandmother's lap while her grandmother stroked her head; Going to town with her father; Playing with her cousins; Eating cookies and drinking milk with her grandmother
Favorite Vacation: Europe, Greece, Cruises, Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Florida, Catskill Mountains
Favorite Movie: Tootsie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding -- Loves Comedies!!
Favorite Song: You Light Up My LIfe
Favorite Book: Cookbooks, 10,000 Dream Interpretations
Favorite Restaurant: 202 Italian Bistro Restaurant, The Jolly Onion Inn, Other local restaurants
Favorite Dessert: Galactobureko
Hobbies and Additional Favorites:

Cooking & Baking, Decorating, Entertaining, Sightseeing, Shopping, Travelling, Reading, Music, Fashion, Photography, Card Games, People Watching, Interpreting Dreams, Taking Pictures, Culture, Activities!!Always on the go!!

Additional Favorites

We have always enjoyed our family dinners out together.  They were fun and relaxing and always a time for us to talk and just enjoy different dishes and desserts.  We really got to know more about what was going on in each person's life.  It was always fun!!

We loved going to the movies together!!  Usually after we made homemade pizza!!  FUN!!

Mom loves celebrations and the holidays and is always planning ahead for the next celebration or holiday!! 

Mom's favorite TV shows are:  Dancing With The Stars, CNN, Project Runway, QVC, HSN, game shows, cooking shows, and poker tournemants!! 

Mom loves the scenic countryside!!  Mom loves dancing!!  Mom loves spending time with her grandson!!  Mom loves being on the GO!!  Mom loves to laugh and is known for her  laugh!!  Mom loves people!!!

If mom bought herself a gift, she would say "To Nike -- From Nike, With Love."

Mom loved sweeping the porch and watering the lawn early in the morning!

We remember mom cooking up a storm.  She made everything homemade:  rice pudding, Greek yogurt, jello with fresh fruits and walnuts, and lots more!


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