December 05, 1933 - July 10, 2007

Mom's Memorial Service -- July 2010 -- A Commitment To Motherhood

On the Third Year of Mom's Passing, a private memorial service was held for Nike Tseperis, An Extraordinary Woman, at The Wyckoff Church, followed by A Visit to The First Reformed Church Cemetery and A Private Family Dinner to Honor Nike Tseperis.   

This year, we focus on a Celebration of Life to Honor our Mother, Nike Tseperis, and her love of family, her passion for life and her commitment to motherhood.  Our mother was selfless and gave unconditional love to us, her family.  She always brought out the best in each of us by seeing and nurturing our best qualities.  She lived her life with courage, strength, love and joy.   

Those that have known Nike know that she was not only good – but great.  May God Bless You Mother.

Song dedicated to this service:  Because You Loved Me by Celine Dion

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;       The Family of Nike Tseperis

Started by The Tseperis Family on June 10, 2012

Fourth Year Memorial Service
From Virginia and Danielle, July 10, 2011

Mom, we remember so clearly all the wonderful times we've had and what a wonderful mother you've been.  We miss you so much and cannot believe it's been four years since we have seen your sweet face.  We pray for you all the time and know that you and dad are together and  watching over us.  We would give anything for you to be here with us again and know we will be together one day. Thank you so much for everything that you have done and given us.  Words are not enough to express the gratitude we have for you.  You are always with us wherever we go.  We love you.  Love, Virginia and Danielle 
Started by The Tseperis Family on July 10, 2011

Three Year Memorial Service

To My Mother -- My Strength and Inspiration  

Love, Virginia


What does that mean?  Our mother was a true Spartan who believed that, like Leonidas in the movie 300 who was staring at a Persian army of tens of thousands against his force of 300 Spartan warriors, one must STAND THEIR GROUND at all times.  This mindset is epitomized in the ancient Spartan saying "Molon Lave", which means "bring it on" or "come and get it" when faced with danger, challenge or adversity.  She had virtue and great courage.  She taught us that life can be hard but you must persevere and STAND YOUR GROUND and fight for it!  She taught us to stay together as a family.  She taught us to never retreat and to Always Stand Your Ground.  She taught us a strong sense of loyalty and duty to each other and life of the community.  She taught us what honor and virtue is:  to Stand Your Ground in the face of what seems to be overwhelming force.  We stand to embrace our destiny and we are at peace with ourselves.    Molon lave is as relevant today as it was thousands of years ago!

Started by The Tseperis Family on May 30, 2010

Thank You

The contributions on this website have been a great help to us during our time of sorrow.  Thankfully, we have happy memories to warm our hearts and souls.  We are very grateful to you.  Thank you. 


Virginia  and Danielle


Started by The Tseperis Family on March 26, 2009

 Sunday, April 06, 2008 -- Clifton, NJ – Members of the congregation, friends and family joined in a dedication ceremony for Nike Tseperis -- 


Father Ambrose and Father John Help Dedicate Special St. George Icon  


“We would like to donate this special icon of St. George honoring the remarkable life led by our loving Mother and Grandmother, Nike Tseperis.  We would like to thank the Church for its support to our family over the years.  St. George, is so representative of our mother because the icon symbolizes strength, courage, protection and faith. 

         Virginia Tseperis

Each and everyday, we think of our wonderful mother and remember her zest for life, her sense of humor, and her unconditional love for us.  Thank you for being here with us today.  May our mother’s memory be eternal.”  Danielle Tseperis

Started by The Tseperis Family on March 26, 2009

Thank You, Mom

As my birthday approaches, I think about how hard it is to celebrate without you. I miss you so much. This will be my second birthday without you, and I pray you are always with me.

Thank you, Mama, for giving me life and for always being right there with me. How lucky was I to have you so close to me... always my biggest supporter and champion.

I love you so much.

Your loving daughter, Danielle  


Started by The Tseperis Family on October 09, 2008

Memories of My Wonderful Mother, Nike Tseperis -- Speech Given at Her One-Year Memorial

First, I would like to thank our family and friends for being here today.  You all know what a very difficult year this has been for our family.  Your love and support means a great deal to us. An extra special thank you to my wonderful husband and son, who always stopped what they were doing to hug and comfort me when I was sad, and to my loving sister, Virginia, who has truly picked up where my mom left off. I would also like to acknowledge my Dad. Thank God I have him.  I don’t know how I would have made it through without any of you, so thank you for being there for us. 


I’ve been thinking a great deal about what to say about my mother. And, many memories come to mind… they are simple, but they exemplify the important things in life and the type of person my Mom was.


One of my earliest memories is my mother always had a smile on her face when my friends were over the house. I remember the chocolate popsicles she would hand out to us on hot summer days. She was so beautiful and all of the kids loved her.


As the years went by, my Mom and I were inseparable. We went everywhere together. We loved to shop the malls and we especially loved to travel together. Some of the places we visited were Greece, Germany, France, Holland, Disney World and Niagara Falls. We had so much fun and we walked for hours. I always would laugh about the energy my Mom had. I could never keep up with her. She was very funny and would make friends EVERYWHERE we went. In the past 10 years, one of our favorite spots was to visit Atlantic City. She loved to play the game, Let it Ride, and when we said I’d pick her up at the table, I would always find her sitting next to some young men chatting it up. They always knew her name and would help her get off of the high stools. The games would actually stop when I went to pick her up so everyone would say goodbye to my Mom.


As the years went by, we were still inseparable… but SOMEONE else came between us. The love of her life… JOHN. Her thoughts were always on him. She was the best grandmother any child could ever hope for. And, even today, John sits in her room and watches television. I am certain that she is right there with him and I know she is with each and everyone of us watching us just like she promised she would be. 


Each and every day I think… HOW LUCKY WAS I TO HAVE A WONDERFUL, LOVING MOTHER LIKE I DID. She put her children and her husband first all of the time. I couldn’t have wished for a better Mom than my Mom. She was my strongest supporter and my confidante. She was everything a Mom should be and more.


She knew she was getting up in age and so she often told me what she wanted after she was gone. She made me make 2 promises. That I would always be a wonderful Mom to John and to make sure that John would reach his highest potential. Her second wish is that my sister and I would always be very close and loving. I promise that I will always fulfill your wishes, Mom.


Like the great Mother that she was, she always wanted the best for her children. Thank you, Mommy for everything.      


Started by The Tseperis Family on October 09, 2008

Tribute to Nike Tseperis - My Mother-in-law

I’d like to thank everyone for coming here today to honor my Mother-in-law’s life.  

I emphasize LIFE because that’s what Nike brought. They say there are three types  of people in the world… those that wait for things to happen, those that ask what happened and those that MAKE things happen. Well, Nike didn’t ask and didn’t wait. She made things happen. She was vibrant, witty, savvy, curious, electric, exciting, tenacious, funny and bold!   Never one for a lack of words, she would bring you up to speed on the world before the world even woke up.

I used to enjoy our ritual of catching up on our family events, planning for a holiday and stories about the famous Greek musicians she knew. Nike was very knowledgeable about current events and I loved the way she used to call me Steve Karabouzouksi, which was her nickname for me. I would like to say thank you for everything my Mother-in-law did for us.

Winston Churchill once said that Greeks fight like heroes, but really, heroes fight like Greeks. Nike was of course Greek, but even more, she was definitely our hero.      


Started by The Tseperis Family on October 09, 2008

Celebration of Life for Nike Tseperis -- An Extraordinary Woman

On July 13, 2008, friends and family gathered at St. George Greek Orthodox Church in Clifton, NJ for a special service to Nike Tseperis, who dedicated her life to her family. 


Following the service, a large group gathered at the First Reformed Church Cemetary to honor and remember Nike with flowers and prayers. 


Ending with a dinner to pay Tribute to Nike Tseperis held at the 202 Italian Bistro in Lincoln Park, one of Nike's favorite restaurants. 


Below are the remarks that Virginia Tseperis made honoring her sweet mother: 


Thank you for being here today to support us and to celebrate our mother’s life.  My sister and I are truly blessed to have such great parents.  For those of you that know me, know that this has been a very difficult year for me and having such a great parents and a foundation in my life has really made a big difference in my life today. 


I really realized this when I had lunch with my friend, Chris last week.  Chris started talking about  all the things I had gone through over the year and then said “Anyone else probably would be sitting on a street corner shaking.”  That got me to thinking about how my mom’s strength and positive attitude really helped me get through my life. 


My mother also had such wisdom.  She knew so much.  She always knew what to do in every situation.  She always had the answers and so I have learned to look for answers.  I feel like my mother is here with me cheering me on. 


She always gave me compliments.  I actually hear them today.  She always was specific in her compliments.  She wouldn’t just say, “You’re great”.  She would be more specific and say, “I am so proud of you.  You work so hard.  You are so organized.  You are so focused.  That is why you will always be successful.”  I always walked taller with my mother. 


Our best qualities were noticed and appreciated.  She let us follow our own path.  She loved us with all her heart.  She was the wind in our sails.  She was always there for us no matter what. 


Since she was a career woman, a mother and a wife, she was the “energizer bunny” – going all the time.  She was always going with a smile.  As a mother, she played so many roles and she was “on duty 24 hours a day 7 days a week”.  She never had a day off and she was happy about it.  She was a financial manager, a bus driver, a nurse, psychologist, housekeeper, dietician and nutritionist, and let’s not forget psychic.  So, if you add up all the occupations that our mom had, she should have been paid at least $575,000 per year.  Let’s not forget fixing our favorite meal – that’s priceless; kissing our “booboos” – even as adults – priceless; making us feel very special at all our birthday parties – priceless. 


We always had a feeling of safety and protection because of our mother.  There is no value for that. 


Recently, I realized a big secret of my mother’s – the value of a smile.  She would always smile and let me know how important it is to “smile”.  It really does make a big difference.


My boss told me about a wonderful Jewish tradition.  They leave an empty chair at important gatherings and that is where my mom sits today, the chair with my mom’s beautiful pink scarf. 


My mom’s positive attitude, unconditional and selfless love and support have really made a big difference in our lives.  She taught us to make the best of everything and she was the best example of this. 


Thank you Mother.  May God Bless you.  We love you so much and know you are by our side each moment each day.  You are truly an Extraordinary Woman. 


With all my love, your daughter, Virginia


Started by The Tseperis Family on July 15, 2008

Thanksgiving Day Poem To Our Mother -- 2007

In Honor of Our Loving Mother, Nike Tseperis

On Thanksgiving Day 2007


You are our precious gift Mother -- our hero

You provided us guidance and protection and you always gave us your best

So beautiful, so gracious, so wonderful

You loved us so much and touched our hearts in so many ways

Your smile was so bright no matter what

Your laughter and sense of humor bring you back to us each day

Your hands were so soft they always healed our hearts

Your wisdom and intelligence will always be our guide

You were the one that we could always depend on

You love us so much and we love you so much

Please be with us mother for we will always be with you….

;           -
Forever together, your daughters, Virginia and Danielle

Started by The Tseperis Family on November 21, 2007

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