December 05, 1933 - July 10, 2007

Thank You

The contributions on this website have been a great help to us during our time of sorrow.  Thankfully, we have happy memories to warm our hearts and souls.  We are very grateful to you.  Thank you. 


Virginia  and Danielle


Started by The Tseperis Family on March 26, 2009
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On Mother's Day and always, we think of you and honor you. We miss you so much, but you are forever with us. With everything we do, we know how you would feel about it. We also know what you would say to us. That is because you continue to be strong force in our lives... guiding us, helping us and encouraging us. Through everything, we always knew that you would be there for us and we are blessed that you are our Mother. On Mother's Day, it was lonely without you. Once, you told me that you had two wishes... that I would be the best mother I could be to John and also that Virginia and I would be very close. Your wishes came true. I try to emulate you as a mother and always put John's best interests first, as you did with us (and John, too!) Also, Virginia and I couldn't be closer. I cannot imagine my life without my sister, whom I love so dearly. She is just like you, encouraging me, guiding me and loving me unconditionally.

Thank you, Mama, for being the best Mom any child could wish for.

I will always love you,
Posted by The Tseperis Family on May 14, 2009

Virginia and Danielle

Your mother was a great woman who by all accounts touched many people and she raised two beautiful and compassionate daughters. We never had the opportunity to meet her directly (although we did meet her indirectly years ago in Astoria when we went to her shop for some baptism favors) but from all you have described and what others have said as well it appears that very old adage applies here: "like mother, like daughter(s)"! She might not be on this plane right now but through the both of you her spirit, goodness and compassion and joie de vivre continue to live on and will do so for eternity. You girls should allow a little more grief, but know that she has very high expectations for the both of you to embrace and effect her work and mission on this plane (and planet). There is a lot of work the teacher wants her two pupils to get done! Her determination and motivation also came with a large "to do" list that she lived by: #1 being bringing smiles and cheer and hope to many people. She was a force for positive change and was committed to doing her part to making the lives of others better, oftentimes silently as she was not one to toot her horn. She also was not a woman who wore her emotions on her sleeve. She didn't have time for such silliness as she learned early on in her life the horrors of when things go wrong and the trauma and psychological damage that results. But wallowing in the mire was not the route she took like so many. Instead she decided the best way to deal with her bruises was to put on a smile and get to work making life good for herself, her family and her community. Her resilience and strength and outlook were borne of the trials and tribulations that set the foundation for her wonderful attitude and outlook on life as an adult. Her values are noble and a model to all of us. It is these values she spent a lifetime developing and perfecting with the hopes of one day transmitting to her greatest pride in life: her daughters. She knew one day she would leave this planet and so her legacy to her daughters was her wisdom and instilling the values she hoped you would both adopt closely and live by each and every day. Now she watches from a slight distance to see how and if her investment and years of coaching paid off. Whether or not you realize it, your life and Danielle's are a bit of reality show for her. She is sitting on her throne watching intently to see your next moves. You and Danielle need to prove to her through your deeds every day that you honor her and her memory and aspire to do the work that she spent a lifetime preparing you girls for. "Like mother like daughters!" Never forget that... You two are her foot soldiers on this planet and you must fulfill that role everyday in your deeds and outreach to others. Your activities and concern for others in her honor for Mother's Day clearly demonstrate how well her mentoring has paid off. She is a very happy woman right now.

My mother left for Greece on Monday and will be in Sparti this week. I will ask her to light a candle in honor of your mother at the Evangelistria Cathedral in Sparti. I am sure this is a church that she visited many times when she was living in Sparti.

Never forget that although her physical body has moved on to another plane, her spirit and life essence live on eternally and will always protect the both of you.

John & Chris
Posted by John & Chris (Maplewood, NJ) on May 13, 2009

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