James Richard "Jim" Shirey
June 07, 1994 - January 10, 2009

Favorite Sports Team: San Diego Padres (because of the food at Petco!)
Favorite Food: Sushi with Pie for dessert
Favorite Musical Group: Evanescence
Greatest Achievement: Diamond Ranch Academy
Favorite Saying/Quote: "I see how it is"
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Vacation: Catalina
Favorite Movie: Twilight
Favorite Song: Cloud Nine by Evanescence
Favorite Book: The Twilight Series
Favorite Restaurant: Meijo Sushi
Favorite Dessert: Pie
Hobbies and Additional Favorites: James time at Diamond Ranch Academy was clearly the most difficult thing he ever experienced but it was also the time when he grew the most emotionally and spiritually.  He loved telling everyone of the hardships of "homeless", how he could start a fire with a bow and a string and how he could crochet a cap.   He was proud of his sense of control over the relationships in his life and of being able to help others.   He loved to size someone up and tell you your "color" (ie, The Color Code, by Taylor Hartman). His proudest achievement was reaching the Graduate level and looking forward to mentoring other students.  His goals for this year were all about developing his relationship with God and helping others in his dorm achieve their goals toward graduation.
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