Peter Shalom Weisman
August 27, 1945 - May 06, 2017

Full Name: Peter Shalom Weisman
Date of Birth: August 27, 1945
Date of Death: May 06, 2017
Country of Birth: Israel
Place of Birth: Tel Aviv
Place of Death: Estero, FL
Memberships: NY Bar Association
D.C. Bar Association

Peter Shalom Weisman was born on August 27th, 1945 to Joseph and Irene Weisman in Tel Aviv. Peter spent his childhood on the beaches with his father, who was a lifeguard teaching a generation of post-WWII Israelis how to swim.   Peter emigrated to the United States with his mother when he was thirteen.  Although he was held back in the sixth grade due to English being a new language, he went on to graduate from City College of New York, Univ. Penn., Georgetown and become a Law Professor.

He practiced public criminal defense, advocating for constitutional limits on what he called Nixon’s war on truth. He advocated for civil rights, women’s rights, and Constitutional issues.  He helped countless citizens get the support and resources they needed so that their voice could be heard and justice could be served. He started one of the first Clinical Legal Education Programs in the country, where students appeared in Court and learned to defend clients in front of a real judge. He had over 7500 students in his time as a Law Professor. Many of his students are judges and politicians and respected lawyers in many countries.

Peter switched to private commercial practice when he married his only wife Patricia. They had two children, Alexander and Tatiana. His eldest child Rhett entered his life later. Family became Peter's top priority in life. He served for a time as the President of the Jewish Day School. He shared with his children his love of classical music and opera as well as his passion for writing.  They frequently traveled together. Peter imparted his sense of justice and fairness onto his children and, of course, he taught them how to swim.

Rhett worked with him in his Law Firm for 22 years until his retirement due to illness. Peter spent a great deal of time in the U.S. Virgin Islands. He loved St. Croix and the people there and advocated for them every chance he got. He represented some of the largest business interests in the Islands.

Peter was a voracious reader, researcher, and writer.  He spent his spare time contemplating history's mysteries but always made time for family dinner where he would share the results of his pursuits.  He was intensely interested in his children, always eager to support any ambitions. 

Peter was incredibly passionate and proud of his family. He is survived by his three children Rhett Weisman, Alexander Weisman and Tatiana Avidor. His precious granddaughter Mia and his ex wife, Patricia.

Peter's passion for justice knew no bounds.  His ardent advocacy, in and out of court, for self-determination unimpeded by outside forces and for universal equality, lives on after him.  We’re all forever blessed to have had him in our lives. 

If you would like, please share your favorite memories, stories and photos of Peter.  Please share this page with those who knew him.

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