Rhiannon Meier
November 12, 1979 - December 08, 2007

Celebrate Rhiannon's Life!!!


Wednesday, December 12th, 2007

1:30-3:30 The Grove Theater (3rd & Fairfax), Screen #3, Los Angeles, CA

4:00-6:00 Morel's French Bistro, 189 The Grove Drive, Bldg #H-10, Los Angeles, CA

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

11:00-1:00 Plymouth Congregational Church, Lawrence, Kansas

Started by Thomas Dolembo on December 11, 2007
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Visitor Comments
As this year is ending and of course with the holidays gone one can’t avoid reflecting back on the past and remembering the good things, the funny things, the special moments, the not so special moments…..the sad times, the happy times, loss of things but most importantly the loss of people.

Unfortunately this year is one that has been hard for me but in this year have been some of the best things too and great lessons were learned.

I lost my mother six months ago and I thought well now with my mom and dad gone nothing possibly more tragic could happen until the phone call I got telling me the woman, who I called my little sister and sunshine, was tragically taken too early from this world.

Rhiannon was a person that I thought of as an onion…I mean that as the highest compliment. She was layered and the joy of knowing her longer was each layer she would share with you. When I first met her I saw lots of pink, lots of sparkle, a gorgeous girl with a huge smile. Her energy was contagious and I had finally met someone that was more bouncy and hyper than me. As Rhiannon I grew closer from working next door to one another at Revolution, we would have our daily conversations over coffee from the kitchen….which started out discussing SEX AND THE CITY, looking through Star and Us magazine, gossiping about boys and all the other fun things two women like to dish about. But like I said Rhiannon was an onion and soon our discussions would be about life, family, career and the “big” questions about what one wants. What I most admired about her was that she had this fabulous outlook on life and she was capable of being friendly, kind, encouraging and so fun AND yet she was so intelligent, intuitive, curious and on the quest to have a more meaningful life.

She was a special person and though everyone is special in some way, Rhiannon…was extra special. She would always call to check in on me almost everyday, we would meet for wine and conversation. When my mom died Rhiannon called me everyday and was such a strong support for me.

There are SO many things I loved about Rhiannon and I will share a few……Her voice and the messages she would leave, the way she flirtatiously batted her face when she was laughing or embarrassed, Her TRUE love of movies, her generosity…..her creativity, her drive, the love of her cute little dogs and of course that she still defended Brittany even when the going got tough, she actually ate hot dogs every time I saw a movie with her, her genuine interest and caring about you and your life. She had ambition and was such a hard worker but never in a “I will step on you to get there” way. She was the type of working woman that in whatever she chose to do she would have risen to the top based on true merit, strength, smarts and having a true sense of self and strong character.

One more funny thing, Rhiannon won a Halloween contest last year for her costume…..she wore an egg carton on her head and lingerie….she was “eggs over easy.” I thought that was the funniest and most clever costume I heard of in ages. Only someone who was so smart, fun, witty and in love with life would think of that.

I am trying to understand this tricky thing called life….at points it is amazing and sometimes it feels like it is out to get you. I want to think that Rhiannon’s death had tremendous meaning and you know, I really do think it does. I was fortunate to have met her and her to have touched my life. I will always try to be like her when I am feeling down or discouraged.

Billy Joel said it so right “only the good die young”- Her gift was her joy and strength in life and she shared that with everyone that knew her. Her legacy will be the reminder to cherish each day, try your hardest to be happy as she was and to reach out and remind the people in your life that you appreciate them and love them, because each day she made me feel like that.

Nature’s first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf’s a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf,
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day
Nothing gold can stay.
Posted by Donyea Rochlin on December 31, 2007

Thank you to Rhiannon's family and friends for such a moving and touching tribute to a most beautiful spirit.
Posted by Chi Li Wong on December 12, 2007

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