Robert Bisinger
August 03, 1965 - September 30, 2016




I’m writing this letter not to say goodbye but to get out all of the things I have been feeling since you passed away.  I’m happy because I know you’re not in pain anymore from the health issues you had & because I know you are with Grandma & Grandpa again.  I’m mostly sad & can’t stop crying because I hadn’t seen you since Dans wedding & now you’re gone.  I’m sorry for not calling you when you kept asking me to,  when all you wanted was to talk. I will never forgive myself for that & will regret it until the day I die.   I’m sorry Mom & Dad ever got divorced because our family was torn apart & was never the same.   I never realized how hard it was on you until I read what you wrote “My Story”.  I don’t think any of us remembers so many details from our childhood as you did & I was honestly blown away by some of the things you wrote that I had forgotten about & it brought back so many memories.  If I could turn back time & change things I would.
We’ve all made mistakes & I wish you had never started taking drugs because I know it
effected your health but I am very proud of you for stopping 6 years ago.  I’m sorry for the way you died & that you had to die alone, that breaks my heart.  I’m sorry for all the health issues you had & the pain you must have been in for so many years.  I don’t
regret that I moved here, I did what was best for me & Jeremy at the time, I only regret not moving back to be closer to my family.  I know it’s sad that it took you dying for me to realize I need to move to back as soon as I can.  I have been wanting to move back for years but it’s a hard thing to do financially,  but I will find a way.  We have no family here & the holidays are usually kind of depressing.  We need to be near our family for
whatever time we all have left because none of us knows how long that is.  I will keep
you in my heart forever Bob.  

I Love You,
Your sister, Trish

Started by Tricia Bisinger on September 30, 2017
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