Robert Wells "Rob" Nelson
August 02, 1944 - November 04, 2017

Favorite Sports Team: Redskins, Dallas Cowboys, Arizona Diamondbacks and the Arizona Cardinals
Favorite Musical Group: Animusic, The Beatles, EXO, Bob Marley
Greatest Achievement: Helping others through Rotary Club in the Philippines
Favorite Saying/Quote: The only true ignorance is the refusal to learn in the presence of an opportunity to do so.
Favorite Movie: Ace Ventura Pet Detective, Battleship, Dirty Dancing and Full Metal Jacket
Favorite Song: Danny's Song and Please Come to Boston
Favorite Book: Vince Flynn: Separation of Power/Executive Power / Memorial Day
Hobbies and Additional Favorites:

An Artist, mainly pen and ink

A wood worker.  Used a lathe and made things from stair railings to standing mirrors.

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