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Stacey J Sievers
March 03, 1963 - October 15, 2009

Dr Stacey J Sievers, leaving behind wife, Barbara Guada, and her chosen family as well her biological family. She loved the children in her family very much.. Her work as an Acupturist helped thousands of people. She loved her children which were animals that brought her great joy, comfort and the feeling of being a parent.

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Greatest Achievement:
Work in Blood therapy

Favorite Book:
Anyting on sience

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Graves Disease
She suffered from this disease and she became and activist with in it in order to understand, try to cure and find ways to make it easier for those who . . .

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October 18, 2009
It is three days since you left and it is pretty empty here without you we all miss and are . . .

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