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Steve Smith
December 19, 1952 - May 13, 2017

Tuesday, June 06, 2017 12:45 AM

I just want to reach out to Greg and Christie and let them know how terribly heart broken I am for them. Steve was such a kind and generous person and will be truly missed. I am grateful to have called him my step dad.
Much love,

Tuesday, May 30, 2017 11:59 PM

I was so shocked, saddened and devastated to learn of Steve's recent death. My heart goes out to Barb and the rest of his family for your loss of a beloved husband, father and friend. Steve's life was a gift to each one of us who had the privilege and honor to know him.

It was a glorious day when Steve and Barb were married at their beautiful home in Riverside County. They were joyful and radiant to have found love and happiness with each other. Barb and I were long time friends. So, I knew she was one happy woman when Steve appeared in her life!

Through the years, I heard about the delicious meals Steve lovingly prepared for Barb. I don't believe there were any that she didn't enjoy. Barb gleefully shared the details of his awesome cuisine that Steve created on a regular basis and my mouth would drool over his culinary expertise.

Barb frequently told me about Steve's many talents. There was nothing he couldn't do. A unique blend of intellect, creativity, artistic and manual skills Steve could solve any challenge that appeared. It isn't often that we find someone with so many gifts. Yet, these aptitudes were always put to good use when necessary.

Steve's caring heart was at the fore front and it extended to helping others including his many friends. He felt deeply and took the reins to give of himself when ever he could and especially when it pertained to those closest to him. I was touched when recently he reached out and helped one of his closest friends navigate his medical and legal situations during a crucial time of need. Only a true friend like Steve takes the time and interest to give unselfishly from the heart to someone who meant so much to him.

Family was a high priority for Steve. He was so proud of his two children, Greg and Christie. He also took "Grandma Red's" (i.e. Barb) grandson, Christian, under his wing and served as a wonderful male role model at a time when Christian needed guidance. He embraced his family with love and was always there for them when needed.

Steve was a strong sports enthusiast and a rival to my teams, the San Francisco Giants and the Denver Broncos. Although we cheered for our opposing teams each season, he maintained his strong loyalty to the Pittsburg Steelers and the Los Angeles Dodgers. He would be so proud that the LA Dodgers achieved first place recently in the National League - West. I'm just sorry he didn't get to see that happen. But I know that Barb will continue to carry his torch for his beloved sports teams.

Through the years, Steve encouraged Barb and I to travel or cruise together. Always thinking of others, he wanted her to be happy and enjoy life in every possible way. He encouraged her to be all that she could be.

We are all left with a huge hole in our hearts now that Steve is gone. Even his precious dog, Buddy, and cat, MamaGirl will miss him. But he will always remain in a quiet corner of our hearts as we remember his generous, caring, spirit, and the way he made us laugh and smile. We will all miss Steve but remember him as the one who touched each of our lives in a positive way.
Linda Googe (Banning, CA)

Thursday, May 25, 2017 8:03 AM

There are no words to adequately express my deepest sorrow and sympathies, Greg and Christie. There is a colossal void left in my life, which I’m sure pales in comparison to the void left in yours.
Steve and I were besties. He was like a big brother to me.
My job requires a great deal of driving and Steve always ‘made me company,’ a phrase taken from Christie when she was little and would accompany him checking on the oil wells. Steve spoke with such paternal pride as he described little Christie jumping out of the truck, wading through the dumbfounded men, and confidently turning the faucet or doing whatever needed to be done. And, he spoke of her with such pride with her gymnastics and how hard she worked, now, and worked out regularly to maintain her 6 pack.
He told me stories of Greg blowing something up at school after he had attended an Army camp. And, about the fireworks smuggled from Nevada. In both instances, Greg was able to finagle out the situation; no disciplinary action was taken. Instead, I think he became friends with the administration and the law enforcement officers, respectively. Steve said he could always talk his way out of anything.
He loved y’all so very much.
The love of his life was Barb, his Barbie Doll. There was nothing he wouldn’t do for her. Since I was friends with Barb, too, Steve would regularly let me know how she was feeling and how her ebay business was doing.
As I drove, Steve told me stories about Taz, Buddy, and Mamakitty. Just a couple of weeks, ago, he told me how he went in to take a shower and turned the water on. Before he could step in, Mamakitty had gotten in there and just sat under the shower head, letting it soak her. We both laughed.
Steve and I spent hours talking about so many different things, laughing at each other’s experiences or those of our kids or animals. He had such a kind, generous heart. Last year, he helped me with the arrangement to purchase a vehicle and he drove it to Florida from California. He was able to spend a month here and he helped me with so many house projects. He felt guilty for not doing more. I was so thankful for everything he HAD done. But, that was Steve. He wanted to help others.
I was so blessed to build on the foundation of his grandfather, grandmother, and his best friend, Rick. I got to see his transformation by the Lord Jesus, which was so exciting. In one of our conversations, when he was struggling with an issue, he told me that despite the problem, he had this peace that he’s never had before; he couldn’t explain it. I asked him, “That passes all understanding?” “Yeah,” he responded. He was experiencing the truth of scripture and didn’t even realize it. I remember his first Christmas after accepting the Lord he told me that it was his FIRST Christmas; he finally understood the true meaning.
He loved my church and my pastor, Dale. We would go to church together, I, in person and he, online. After the service, we would discuss the lesson. When he was here last spring, he was able to attend in person. His first Sunday there, he took communion for the first time. Afterwards, he expressed to me that that was the most impactful experience of his life.
I took him to a Christian bookstore and told him to pick out a cross necklace. He started crying. He picked out one that was made of nails. When he got back to CA, he told me he had pulled it out from under his shirt and shown it to Christie. They both cried. A year later, he told me that he had never taken it off and never would.
My heart aches at the loss of my best friend. Life just isn’t the same without Steve. How I miss my daily texts of ‘Good morning, Bestie,’ and ‘Good night, Kid. Sleep well. Love you.’
I know where he is, though. And, I am thankful he is no longer in pain. I take comfort in knowing that I will see him, again, some day. I miss you, Bro!
Katie Reeves (Pensacola, FL)

Wednesday, May 24, 2017 11:11 PM

Dear Family & Friends,
I met Steve last year while in FL with a friend. He was so generous to give a car to a mutual friend, Katie. Once he got back to CA, we kept in touch via texts. He continued to ask how I was, and prayed for me too (especially this past year when I lost 2 homes @ the same time). I really appreciated the opportunity to get to know Steve a bit, even if it were for a short time. His presence will be greatly missed. I will continue to keep his family/friends in my prayers.
Sarah Parker
Sarah Parker (Phoenix, AZ)

Tuesday, May 23, 2017 2:02 PM

Aurevoir my friend,

Steve and I met in Florida last spring. Steve had kindly driven a car our mutual friend, Katie, had purchased in CA last March, going that long distance with the full support of his love, his wonderful Barb... At 6ft tall I am not often looking up to talk to most folks! Steve had a natural “presence” about himself that, like a magnet, drew others to him. He was a giant in many more ways than just physically.

Neither of us would have thought that a CA “oil man” and a retired “Pastor/missionary” with a British background would, in the weeks and months come after meeting only once, bond so closely. Talking on the phone or skyping between CA and CO most days of the week, our friendship rapidly grew. For Steve, the awareness of the love God has for him came later in life. It was a joy to see him grow spiritually as he got into the habit of praying daily for family and friends.

We had a different sense of humor, but, many times laughed our way through American and British expressions that at times sounded quaint to the other one. He had a “Wikipedia” capacity to talk about many things, but, he was also a good listener. He was not an acquaintance that one would have a hard time remembering a few months later; he was my brother. His daily texts at night and morning, “good morning, bro” or “sleep well, Brother” were pure expressions of a deep, genuine friendship that truly justified the word ‘brother.’ He meant it with his “I love you, bro” at the end of each phone call.

I miss you bro, your sense of humor, your knowledge of a thousand different things, your willingness to do anything you could to help others. You are forever in my heart, missing you, but, also glad that the days of pain you had in your body are over. I have no doubt that I will enjoy laughing with you in God's home with those wise cracks… a place where there is no pain or sorrow.

It’s not “good bye,” it’s “see you one day, Steve.”

Davyd Hepburn
Davyd Hepburn (Colorado Springs, CO)

Friday, May 19, 2017 12:41 PM

I am so sad for all of us over your sudden loss. A part of me will be sad for the rest of my life because you are no longer here. I am and will be eternally grateful to have had your friendship, love, and support for over 39 years and for the lifetime gift of Greg and Christie. You'll always be with me through them. They both have your ability to be good at pretty much anything they try. Greg can fix pretty much anything, although I am pretty sure he has one upped you as he usually holds the trips to Home Depot to two. Christie has your warm heart and spirit with a dash of your snarkiness (lol) and you used to tell people all the time, "yeah she gets her good looks and charm from her Dad".

Your generosity of time and your kind, thoughtful nature will be missed by all that knew you. No one has ever had a more loyal friend than you. You always had my back, anyone who ever became your friend knew they could always count on you. You have touched the lives of many.

I have this vision of you being welcomed home by your Dad, saying "Hello Burr Head" with a handshake that made your bones crunch and a hug that just wouldn't quit. I know the others are there too, Mom (Faye), Grandpa Louie, Grandma Emmie, Grandma Elsie, Darrell, Norma and Tom Barth, Al Reich and Don Hamilton too. Boy with you there now the OTC shenanigans can begin again.

Rest well my friend, may you eternally have the big blue recliner to sit in, the big screen TV to watch "Sea Bass Fishing Today"or "DCI Championships" on repeat, and Taz and Ruffy by your side. Well, if I know Taz he's on your lap. If there is any justice there's an ultimate drum set for you to play, if not I know you will find a surface to tap on! Most importantly may you be happy and at peace for all of eternity.

Until I see you again, Love Suz
Susan Smith

Thursday, May 18, 2017 7:26 PM

Barb, We are so sorry for your loss. We know Steve will be missed. We will always cherish the beautiful painting he made for us.
Love, Joyce and Harold
Joyce Brawner (Anchorage, AK)

Thursday, May 18, 2017 6:36 PM

My daughter, Alexis and Christy grew up together as good friends and later room mates and I think of Christy as another of my daughters. I remember we were moving and Steve came to pick up Christy and stayed behind to help. I appreciated it then and tell it now as an example of what a great guy he was. All my love to the family at this difficult time.
Brenda Grow (Mission Viejo, CA)

Thursday, May 18, 2017 5:46 PM

Barb, Greg and Christi, I'm so incredibly sorry for your loss! I'm completely heart broken and saddened by this news!! Steve, I shall miss our daily chats. I'm just one of your many, many online friends. I loved our talks, baseball, gymnastics, football, his precious Barbie, his beautiful Christime and his wonderful son Greg. Oh how he loved you guys so very much. We had lots in common. Love for the sports and grown children and their accomplishments in life. He spoke of all 3 of you almost daily with such love and passion. I loved his stories about baseball and his grandfather. I hope they're side by side now watching over his beloved Dodgers. Your Husband/Dad, was truly a kind and loving soul that you can always be proud of. Honestly the kindest person and would do anything to help anyone even to his own pain or suffering. He lived daily for his sweet Barbie! I just want the 3 of you to know, he loved you all and was so proud of all of you. I'm sorry for the loss this world has now suffered. I pray that the fondest of memores be what holds the 3 of you in love and comfort together. God's blessings, and many many huggies! I will think of you all daily and pray for your pain to someday soon be lessened some how. I feel like I know you from the pride he showed in talking about you three always. He had many friends and many loving people that he helped in so many ways. Please always know his deep love for you Barbie, Greg and Christi. Huggies to infinity and beyond for you Steve. I miss you so much. Love to you all! Debbie
Debbie Reitz (Phoenix, AZ)

Thursday, May 18, 2017 3:29 PM

Great sadness fills both of us for the loss of the wonderful man Steve was - his humor and laughter, his friendship and caring, his generosity and love. He will be deeply missed. So it is that family and friends are drawn even closer together in his absence and we are made keenly aware of the preciousness of life. Love to all, near and far, who were blessed by Steve's amazing soul.
Sandi & Larry Hughes (Anza, CA)
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